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The brightest star over the Oriental horizon already rising. warrenzh, 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, driving his world behind the dynasty on the tiny planet, the Earth, already launched. star of the world, prophet of the Earth, doesn't the bird of first dawn sunray singing at its highest chord? does not Son of Man wrestle and won the sinking? now its time to echo with the greatest bliss so far, God his own addressing the planet, on the scarred land of China that's proceeding into its second Dynasty of Ming, again under title of Zhu's. blunt and blind people, don't u hear the mighty storm whirling over the Pacific Ocean? don't u spare ur works by witness the brilliance of Heavenly descending? so its now, for u and ur cared, attest the shine. wozon's avatar http://www.warozhu.com http://www.wozon.net http://www.woz.fm http://i.faezrland.me http://google.com/+wozfm http://facebook.com/wozon http://www.facebook.com/iwozon http://wozon.tumblr.com http://twitter.com/wozonow http://wozon.blog.163.com http://pengyou.com/wozone
warrior of God's business on the earth. shoulders the world under God's shine and shrine. warozhu's avatar http://www.warozhu.com http://www.wozon.net http://www.woz.fm http://faezrland.me http://facebook.com/warren.zhu http://google.com/+warrenzhus http://twitter.com/warrenzh http://warozhu.lofter.com