Does Chinese in PRC deserves a better future out of dictation and economic tumor?


woz 10 years birthday.

Submitted by benzrad on 周二, 05/26/2015 - 10:51

yesterday is woz, my dearest son, birthday. I previously intended to linger in dorm which more and more accepted by me as my office. the morning is gloomy pale, after a sunny Sunday. I look forward the sun appears again in clouds to sunburn my wet bed clothes, but it doesn't till I gathered my son and ate his birthday cake I bought him, in his mom's house.God urged me to visit my son on his 10 years' birthday. I grouponed a cake from a likely startup. the cake manually made by a young lady her own in a simple and a bit messy shop but its delicious.


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I want a home in u, Asoh Yukiko.

woz in KFC breakfast and gaming on his pad bad layout within China.网站排版乱了,怎么回事?

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for this site using ssl ( https ) to access some resource, like js, css,etc, and its ssl gained from google cloud engine which mostly blocked and denied within sinful PRC, so these elements used to format webpage blocked, resulting ill formated website.

long time dream comes true.

Submitted by agarten on 周二, 04/14/2015 - 21:30

back to 2006 when my civil marriage, first one, brought my vision to help Chinese student with cyberspace tool for faciliate their English study, when my son's mom taught English in junior middle school. I designed logo, brand for my spouse I longing before my marriage. for from my parents' painful but passionate marital life, I learned family education foremost cheirshed treasure for future generations. but they delayed so far for not support situation.