dreamed of new clothes and fish dinner at hometown


Submitted by riveryog on 周日, 07/08/2018 - 08:01

dreamed first my 2nd elder brother bought himself 2 new pair shoes, and celebrated it at his house. then dreamed I also bought myself 2 shoes from market. then my passed mother cooked a large fish. yesterday poor noodle as my only meal in Saturday let me sad, for i always preferred rice and dishes to wheat food. the sinful woman, a crew of dorm administration, pretended a lodger, lived in the shabby neighbor room another night, just aiming profane me. the night rain all time, likes my hometown in my memory. God dad, I'm to fetch my son and his neighbor kid to dine out dico's. pl allow my agenda comes true.

dreamed amid Moscow unrest. I did some investigation among mob on street and at their home. yesterday lasting rain let it a dream land. later in dusk it turned thunderstorm. water supply broke this morning, while electricity remains. after Sunday visited my son, a considerate teenage now, my anxiousness as well as aging frustration cleansed.

dauntingly detailed dreamed traveling to hometown, where likely my dad passed by. my mother glad to received me and told part of our house rented to a neighbor, the once village teacher's family, free of charge. I blamed my mom loose to handle it, but her obviously challenged by the thriving mob, long time enemy of my family, hatred lasts generations and still among offspring. revenge must does!

dreamed in my summer vacation during university. I tried to setup network connecting my pc with campus network. my son, my niece and my younger brother likely watched my progress in dream. I drew 2 photographs, one with a block another with a big and one small block, and tried to memories for blog. also dreamed in night rode bike in empty city street.
its has been 2 boring weeks since I waited for our parcel from purchasing chromebox from Amazon China. a week passed still no changes in logistic information. God dad, cure my thirsty for the goods.

dreamed returned from campus to hometown where my passed dad welcomed me warmly. my dad introduced me the universal evolving factor, like Planck's constant, with which the world or culture automatically generated into a better world. my dad show his better evolving world than mine. its rare my dad talked to me so detailed and lengthily.

dreamed first search for toilet in my hometown village among families private space but unable to find one satisfying. then dreamed talked with my eldest cousin's son who once handsome but now I disliked all their family for family grudges, ie. they steal my dad's glories. I told him to stay away from superstition and horrors, but should read more about science. after wake up i fed up with pains so I returned to quilt again. last night an ideal came to me, how should I do if the female around me all too old to fly with me, and I'm the chosen to shine glory of holy? I felt probably I was the luckiest, and I would walk alone toward greater grace, God's mercy, forget shabby loves here and there, for I equipped with the best, Holy.

all the dawn dream dwelting about my niece, a Chinese graduate. her family was poor, and her education is common: a non-brand college. my sister once persuade her marry her nephew who likely a gay, I persuade her to try to live in Wuhan and higher standard. her listened and finally married there, even seemingly not improved much. she never loaned me more than 300 CNY but each time she will mean to me. yesterday I talked to her 3 times then she transferred me 90 cny & said that's all she had. in dream I doubting her job, likely illegal maser and doctor degree market. her company likely a dotcom. even she never touched degree higher than bachelor, but her job now is promote Chinese post graduate market. dear God dad, i saw no grace among cheap root. last night I contact my son twice for aid during my alipay refutes credit, in a sudden I have faith on U and answered: there was a bonus on my salary account and with it most urgent bills wrote off. dear God dad, light as I was now, I close this utterance merrily.

BTW, last night snowed again after uncleared ground, like a continued snow. such a bliss, Holy!

dear God dad, last night I tried hard to sleep with leg crossed and I succeeded. yesterday I though a lot the difference between religion people and none. my brother-in-law almost refused to care me, esp laundry, I only pray my dad God fix it. in this peaceful morning, dad let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday the jobless politician in my kid brother's hotel tentatively let my favorite soup out of service, previously its quality constantly decreased. so i bought myself water melon immediately, they r marvelously great & my long time thirst. in dawn I relentlessly tried to recovery memories of 2 knees, but failed. they were just new. dear God let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I warned my kid brother his wife can orgnized her little woman stolen his income from restaurant operation. I really saw his endeavor on the hotel. in dawn dream I dwelt a lot between my knees and pc ram. back to 2 decades when my brother lignering in Qiqihar I managed to steal some ram from office for his poor pc. it's a golden sunny morning, let my life easier God.

dear God dad, My kid brother amazingly lazy upon his hotel management. a free soup serving overnight and disgusting.I sms him the problem but he never respond, he might only interests in cash. this morning my knee turn stronger, dear God,let my life easier.