beated son for under performance


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 04/04/2017 - 10:17

last Sunday when he playing video game aside me I asked his affirmation to book our next day's cinema tickets online. he claimed all day he will be free and it done. but on Monday I visited him in his mom's house, he is absent. I sorted zhone chrome bookmarks on his android, blocked sms from a Chinese medicine website his sinful mom used his phone to registered. till near 1 hour before the movies he still absent, so I buzzed the grandma who is a stubborn old fox, who tried to evade me. I yelled to let her sent my son. when I saw my son on the cinema I out of rage and beat him. the old fox claimed I went mad. I beat my son in 3 phrases, hopeless in dissatisfactions. after returned to dorm, I felt dissatisfaction can put my son in suicide after so many hopes I put on him, and pleasure we enjoyed in God's bliss. the soon my kid brother buzzed in, told me the small bitch, son's mom, informed him that she can put me into asylum again. I told him she can do anything she can. I long time reckon the bitch stepping madness, she cheated on tuitions she collected from her students in her house out of school turned most of students there complaining. she claimed I'm cheating, but I long time never retort her for her insanity. her threaten reminded me again pains she out of revenge put me into asylum when my son in his infant. God, dad, this morning I lingered on bed longer and dreamt of the sinful grandma and her daughter banned me access my son and living support. God dad, I ready to see the cursed fell of the dirty lesbian family ran into my life and with which I disciplined my son to keep distant from. bring me the laugh and cure of revenge.

when he tried to mingle his sinful mom's tentative turn-away cinema arrangement his dad assigned him to his meaningless art lesson her mother escorted, his dad's rage mounted high. when the delayed grandma brought him arrived the cinema, his under performance resulted in his dad's slam. as his dad, my disappointment lowered to hopelessness. I beat him 3 sessions before movie, after movie, dinning restaurant, and bus to his mom's house. I even hope he shamed to kill himself. what a shame he put his proud dad in! but his mom retorted and made my kid brother buzzed in from Guangdong, southern China warned me of putting asylum once more if I be again violent. I regardless. in nearly a week after the lunar morning holiday, my son mute to my sms and phone call, inc urgent exchange of verification code the new cellphone I shift him in the end of the dispute receiving. this morning I lingered on bed lately to avoid boring and sick change when usually I will visit my son in the weekend. my son called me via sms near 11pm and I caught it at once on bed. I visited him at once and peaceful there in his mom's house. God dad, how I obliged to this gracious end happening.
last night It drizzled, when I lately watched outside window. and I felt blessed at once. Dad God, U put me right in any adversities.

in dawn dream, I experienced with emotions situations of polygyny. I felt I possibly choose monogamy for full potential of every girls. I experienced the Royal, the dispensable love of excellent girls, still I was afraid punishment of love turned hatred, fraid of shortage of my focus and energy. this morning I haunted by 2 engagements dreams near getting up. I felt time to bid farewell of polygyny. I was not regret of my young ambitions upon love, insatiable desire of girls, but now in my elderness, I will company my non-exchangeable love. dear God, bring me real life I deserve, bring me true partner fruitful, Thanx.

in dawn dream detailedly preparing inheritage book. one for my 1st child with only one copying slot/jumper, for doctrine; the one for my second child with 2 slots/jumpers, for politics and economics. 3 slots/jumpers for my 3rd child, for all details of ruling. CCP still hacking around: this morning I tried to listen music, they attempted to ruin with their old dirty skill, let my speaker's bluetooth failed several times, I had to turn on another speaker to expel them. the old speaker once working, then years they hacked it, by all means locally on upper floor, then they likely rewrote firmware or something else, they controlled it finally as they wished. but dear God dad, how cheap they are: less than 100 CNY, they confronted with brand new gear sound as rock. dear God dad, my night pee kettle arriving today, they let the logistics wrongly displayed for days, but what else they can do? can they remove my order or infect my goods? go hell bitch CCP!

the night before yesterday my son visited my dorm as scheduled. I tried to arrange rich food, for enjoy of life. My son's body heat let me mid night changed quilt. In the morning went to KFC breakfast, I talked about possibility to return to my hometown for its sub-tropical sunshine after I retired & my son enter his campus & graduation. My son graciously nodded. this dawn dream, I tried to build startups while attending my infant. My 2nd elder sister, likely a fortune investor in dream, claimed I can't complete 2 things at once. my infant crying and torn me apart, but I didn't gave up. and finally, all settled. dear God dad, my laundry contractor, a young woman, delayed my shifting used clothes, saying she was not in town and told me to contact previous dorm canteen woman. how irresponsible she is! she already accepted my payment. dear God dad, let my plan running, let my life easier, thx holy. This morning I doubting if I financially equipped, my living standard can be improved and I can lingered in my sphere all life here. dear God, grant me more clothes and tools against northeastern China chill.

last night I ordered my son fruits to deliver to his house. Chinese communities quite efficient. in dawn dream I was in campus, the neighbor department likely piano students, or music therapy asylum, I tried to buzz my relatives but can't remember number while I was abroad, however I got it through & talked. in dream I several times saw my naked & having sex with girls but I didn't feel erotic upon naked scene. dear God dad, was I turning old?

in my son's last visit on last Saturday, his mom let him brought her old notebook as I suggested to improve its usage. I installed fydeos in half house and both my son and I felt a huge success. then the woman want more. she want to retrieve her oldest notebook. I restored bios pw from family asset book, but windows pw missing. So I tried to persuade my son worked with me using windows PE tool to modify user pw. but in last decade lots of configuration changed and my barely backup of the PE failed to boot up with many bootable usb building tools. in more than 12 hours, my son scorned by me and put up focus to try all means to fix the doomed task. I called it closet skeleton. after I finally gave up, I watched a beautiful movie telling honest unbeatable. I want to boost my son's confidence upon installing Os but he less venturesome as supposed. he just too busy with damned CCP senior middle school homeworks. dear God dad, my new winter pants arriving, my artificial environment improved a lot, let my life easier & enjoyable. thx for this bright morning my pains worthied.

dear God dad, I here just blabla for celebrating put on, defeating fingers and arms pains. yesterday I first time put on 2 woolen pants and felt much better. my baby brother who consistently aid my living expense, buzzed in inquiring his brought me clothes. that's all ok. I watched 2 wonderful movies in night after let go my son's mom's legacy windows pw missing. this dawn dream reviewing the 2 movie, echo touching moments, just so peaceful! dear God dad, hours later I will showered, help me and let my life easier.

first dreamed I with my colleagues moved to a new workspace, we had a lot of funs. then dreamed I lived on a damn control unit. some young people had fun with it and power all down. but when I need it, power resumed, reliable like my work unit, QRRS, an old style SOE. For I lingered on bed, my vivid dream lost most of its color. this morning I put on 2 new bought vest & pants, even troublesome but rewarding: warmer now. Dear God dad, let my life easier.

this dawn dream originally cozy, but now I only remember some shattered pieces for painful fingers let my putting up long and boring. I dreamed I tried with my son google's new gaming online service, strus, for It's broadband demand is strict, so I contacted telcom company. a black young man serving me. It's Monday, dear God dad, I met some early birds, ie. young QRRS staff preparing for office work in toilet. now I almost left to free. Holy spirit, let my business booming, let my life easier.