interesting journey familiar with google sheet


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benzrad daily todo lists / agenda since his web log and old family brings world the biggest gift, woz 楚甲主, since the birth of the Son's 1st child, exported from remember the milk web site which defies csv export. here exported with pyrtm and sorted in google sheet. publish here for golden memories of zhone Royal China in hard times and spontaneous joyful life stream under saint shines. Now with settled museum of those innocent era, the Royal China archive more solidated and wonderful. let the life stream floats forever on berth of the Earth planet.

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after learned from its official site,, that its mainly a muslim supported family company, I felt need of my data portability. the client and site defied csv export, however, 2 days research online python tool, pyrtm, and a local converter, at, I got my python environment on ubuntu running and finally got txt or csv exported. last day and overnight spent on cleaning data which has date errors. I spent near 10 hours cramming google sheet function/formula, aiming convert format "Week Mon-day" into "yyyy-mm-dd" among which passed years missing. I want to verifying year according the week information, such a common problem but few online community knowledge touched. mounting problems with the converting let me gave up in dawn and search for alternative ways to retrieve my data from the unfriend website. and my search rewards on ubuntu, the todotxt_import tool, a local niche working like a charm. then again there small portion of task to reformat well exported text in google sheet spreads in cells of different columns and rows, all stripes via google sheet functions from sole import of exported. my newly learned skill in last 24 hours helps a lot, and soon I satisfied with final dataset almost intact maintains original source of import, and published at once online onto to zhone web, ie : or God, dad, isn't it a wonderful journey re-enliven me in escort of powerful google? help me settle my golden memories in the todolist archive, and reinforce my workspace with newly adopted todolist managemental, toodledo at in the new journey with toodledo, my data portable must be more promising!

last Friday water heat system started rolling. I also felt blackout with boring agenda and time to kill. hope this year end not so poor financially. I however, launched to prepare myself entertainment indoor: steam games.
this morning visited woz, dearest son earlier than usual, near 8am. in idle I started to browse steam store. I told myself if there are titles less than $2, I will buy interested ones. then I saw my long time regret not tried game, "Homefront". in minutes I enlist under my son's account. I also bought "Red nation", a zombies game which will drive my son away for the dirty bloodiness.
after luncheon and showered in public spa, I tried again a zombie game free gained during its promo. its not action packed, nor time sensitive, so I can play it like learning a multimedia works. after gaming I felt quite satisfying.
God, cold and merciless reality in nowadays PRC really speechless. we Chinese blame nobody but our redemption sooner over, esp in mercy of Christian God's salvage, upon the wrong road our last generations chose, and fake faith lasts thousands years & enslave the arid eastern Asian earth.

dreamt first being laid off and trying to relocate myself. then got up to release myself. then napped again, dreamed my son with his pals trying to learn Japanese. I told him aside just search google translation for solution. I'm dog tired these days non-stop to prepare redundant portable systems, even with alarm I overslept to lunch time. however, I managed preapred boiled dink water and personal washup before leaving for dorm lunch.

dreamed my hometown brothers and sisters led me to visit fortune-teller. near the end, there was a kid jumped in and let the wiseman busy with his fate. upon leaving the kid kissed and printed lips on the cheek of the man, let me wonder my fate contributing to my dad's deep love on me.

the canteen operative couples visited my dorm first time, trying holding me back. but I determined to hunt meals wilder for 2 years. later my younger brother joined to persuade, none change my mind.
now this late morning without any hustle, I enjoyed peaceful life. dreamed a female helping me in life stream. God, dad, grant me a stable life and supportive finance.

dear God dad, how I was obliged to restored my oses during large scale intrusions. last night I showered with hot water and praying for next day's operation. in dawn dream I saw my son's mom chose unreliable English tutor who untrustworthy and felt anxiously. but in fact, my son now mostly doesn't have extra English lesson, for he now a senor middle school student.dear Holy, in this moisturous morning let me successfully evade sinful CCP hacking.

It's a cooling morning now, dear God dad, my 2nd elder sister who cared my life started to complain and hate my grace Holy vested. she tentatively left me alone. last night I watched a movie which alarmed me the fragile of power system in modern society while most dependent. that reminds me danger of my kid brother's hotel. my kid brother hardly mastered highly robust system, and life support in hotel, or ramdant of backups. dear God dad, I live with your mercy, don't let me anxious.

another gloomy morning, dear God dad, my kid brother likely later will fetched me to visit our parents' tomb and then his hotel. and I will likely to upgrade my mobile android to v11. last night I exchanged words with my alumni who sharing mourning for a politics professor who once refuted me during my hard time for their master degree. I told a girl alumnus Asoh Yukiko and girl Fangfei. dear God dad, how I want to meet my Asoh now after these years!

dear God dad, miracle on me: pains along a nerve in back knee gone! previously I hardly sit, for after crossing my leg was painful. now I can safely being seating on couch, or crouch. it happened without any precaution, just like gospel by faith. dear God, now I more enjoy the couch situation in my nephew's hall. in dawn dream, I was traveling with my son, likely leaving Qiqihar, where we passing underground market and ordered some snacks but the vendor tentatively delayed one served aiming to evade by our harsh time. but my son liked to tasted the one, likely fried foul tofu, so I left and let my son stay alone till him was served. dear God, today likely rain again, but Holy, I missing sunshine.

dear God dad, 2 more days passed and my new built OSes seemingly perfectly clean. I enjoyed them so much. this morning on bed, my knees hardly movable and I lingered more on bed in frustration. dear Holy I knew the pains indicating the eve of breakthrough, but dear God dad, let my life easier.

last night I reviewed my elder sister's loath to serving me in my painful fingers. the day before yesterday I bought fruits takeout for my son and children of my nephew. the kiddos never expressed appreciation nor grateful, that let me this dawn relentless. I felt their cheapness, their meanness upon my kindness in pure thankfulness. this morning I recognized that I can handle it on my own, not in preach nor scorn. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, in this eve of total recovery, I felt more bliss in my life, including female attention in the community. in dawn dream, my once departmental leader, a Sun lived in QRRS dorm with me. there was a graduate group preparing their presentation show there. they need 5 clocks in their drama, includes for explode in time. then dreamed of thiel, the billionaire investor and his team. last night i showered and let my nephew sending some seasonal clothes. dear God, let my life easier.