dreamed of playing Japanese style sleep training game


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 02/02/2021 - 09:36

in dawn dream, I want my sleep more enjoyable and fruitful, so I trained my sleep with Japanese style training game: many power-ups, many route upon your choice, I yet get all of it, but I chose how & where I want to enhance. my main problem is want to keep warm in morning while my dreams to blog, my body after a night sleep also stiff and i want more joys from sleep. this morning peaceful after all, dear God dad, let my life easier, let my Japanese Queen, Asoh Yukiko live with me.

dear God dad, I now almost fell in love. last night u let my chest pains drove me to visit my favorite foot bath worker woman's workspace, where I saw lots of old and guilt rules which can torn me, but God I trust you my life and my love. last night I first time applied hurb med my elder sister bought me, aided by her husband who also worked in the hotel. dear Holy, I really contented with what I had. let my life easier, esp love affair.

dear God dad, last night so meaningful to me. I proposed to buy my favorite foot bath woman KFC leaked to my kid brother and he warned me not to do so. I admitted him, so I thought do it quick is a better way to save it. and I got the takeout in time around 7pm and delivered to the woman at once. she appreciated it and I found joys in her eyes, I deeply touched.I thought times and times again and thought she is beautiful. dear God dad, my salary day approaching, let my life easier!

dear God dad, might it's time to fairewel, my favorite foot bath woman shown fear when serving me. a man interupted her during our session. her guild usually attacted lots of black money and violence, and I was not ready to fundamentally change all things. last night I again sent fruit to her but her no longer appreciated it, I saw that's not what she want. dear God dad, last KFC she didn't eat but returned to my kid brother, the boss. how I cheated! dear Holy, let my life easier and focused.

dear God dad, in this sultry morning, I managed to make myself tea, put on for wondering day u granted. My sister's smartTV still can't power on, so last night I went to bed around 7pm and soon my chest pains lingered. I got up siting sometime then returned to sleep after pains gone. dear God dad, my life so drifting, where is my home? let my life easier, dear Holy.

dear God dad, this dawn a neighbor elder died and my left knee apparently more painful. I know It's healthy recovery but dad God, I almost can't care my shitting. My finance still a mess, even hopefully. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, recovery slowly while smooth. in dawn dream, 2 groups of graduations join QRRS where I had crash with them for training. just like actually after failed to chase after a girl Zhou, I launched my web presence since 2008 or so. last night i babbled a lot with the wife of my nephew who is less smart and easy to anger. I felt my kindness felt. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last afternoon I heard several times cracks within my knees when turning around. so my knees' total recovery must near. last night I babbled a lot with my nephew's son, while his mom claimed she never interested in such talk. she less educated and likely only interest of life is money. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this morning my knees' pains thicker, likely old wound revealing. my fingers also more painful. yesterday I tried a lot to talked to my nephew's wife who is cheap and I finally recognized I needn't help them. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday my relentless 2nd elder sister again bought a local self-educated physician to fix my pains. he using wine burning herb to massage my knees and hands. it was warm and other aspects I hardly might claim. in dawn dream, with my artists friends we haunted their office and modified some masterpieces and make them better to echo the century. our works got positive comment. then dream I just graduate and did some tutorial work in a well-being young couple's family. I mostly befriend with female so I tried to sell my idea to the wife. breakfast is hush and I hardly here to write, without tea, for my brother-in-law hurt himself in workplace and unable to care me. dear God, let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I was treated again. the warm treat likely let my knees generated lots of gas and my leg stuffed and inflexible. last dusk I asked loan from my university alumnus and got 1000 cny. they then blocked me from the alumnus group. dear God, I will care on my poverty for a long time ahead, but dear God, I fearlessly. let my life easier.

dear God dad, last dusk I bucked up, assured Holy didn't punish me, and I wanted to order myself fruits takeout. CCP let the app lagging, then within 2 minutes, the spying alibaba's virtual credit, huabei automatically deducted my balance where my son just transfered. so coming months it possibly cut my salary half way and live me pennilessly. dear God, this morning I felt promising, my pains deceasing. let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I again massaged. I had good time. near 5pm, my brother-in-law asked me to dine, it turned out the foot bath departmental dining out and invited me. I sat there ate less but closedly watched my favorite worker girl eating a lot. I enjoyed it. yesterday I also first time let my son ordered fruits takeout for me, he amateurly ordered sliced fruits for me which can't kept in open space a day, so I treated the boy of my nephew. they are all bright, dear Holy, let me this month have some cash, dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, another peaceful morning. last night relentless on bed for stiff knees, now I'm more free now. yesterday I taught my kid brother some lesson on trying new online business, but he disliked and blacklisted me again in his wechat. I guessed he might know in PRC caiptal more valueable than regular business. dear Holy, let my life easier, let me proud of my life.

dear God dad, in blissful confidence, I contacted again my alumnus and got fruits aid, they r so delicious. no doubt, I again shared with my favorite foot bath worker women. my knee's sore lingering in its last surge, I was so lucky to see the end tunnel light. let my life easier, dear Holy.

dear God dad, yesterday I looked into my budget for foot bath girls and decided not to wait for my salary released. so I borrowed from my niece and visited foot bath. we were leaving, still I talktive with the girl. in the night I showered. this morning my knees too stiff to let me sleep. dear Holy let my life easer.

dear God dad, last dusk I helped the hotel receiption desk to build a invoice form but failed, for I hated typing and soon my stupid kid brother who managed the hotel and attentionally kept it from my reach in any way. returned to my room, I worked it out with the aid of a girl receiptionist offered a useless invoice sample. my knees immediately felt better when I completed. this moring it felt even better. i dreamed Chinese version of amazon, jd.com, I saw his mediocre like most Chinese enterpreneure. dear Holy, let me productive, let my life easier.

the hotel previous word based invoice.

my work on google workspace basing on sheet.

dear God dad, yesterday mostly I persuading my alumnus to grant me 1000 cny for my urged purchase of TV while my union's aid yet come to my bank account. it didn't work out but don't matter much. i also bored to video chatted with my favorite foot bath girl aiming sooner and better knowing each other. in dusk, I told my elder sister that her daughter-in-law refused to fill my bowl for completed self-service, i told her I wouldn't deal with her any more. my sister again cliched and blamed me not try harder to deal with my pains. I praying God for ripping me off the stupid woman and her orthodox, and the risk with the fragile pregnant woman. dear God dad, this morning i got up earlier, let my life easier and meaningful.

dear God dad, yesteray I cursed my 2nd elder sister: she corporated with my sinful kid brother and persuade to shift me to hospital.I claimed she was insane. my kid brother thirsty for cash and tried all mean to collect it. my junior middle schoolmate visited me for trying fydeOS. he was not so brillant but God dad, I was blessed.my recovery went smooth every day, I looking forward sooner my fingers pains gone. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, my kid brother reconciled with me, not visiting hospital, but I had to evade his hotel hall, but haunt or eat in backyard. in joy I talked with my 3 elder sister about it. this morning my knees even stiffer but God dad, I had no anxiousity. let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I video chatted with my son, so many change occured in my son that only I trusted u, I told my son recently my only request for u is lingering with me, for the perishment, for the suffering. this dawn I dreamed repeatedly a sea creature, see cucumber and don't know it's meat or vegetable. my knee can't find a confort position and let my sleep short and unstable. but my knees less stiff in the morning. dear God, let my life easier.

dear God dad, obviously my knees turning stronger. yesterday QRRS dorm informed me decoration completed and my old stuff should moved to previous room. so I contacted my colleague. in dusk, my junior middle school alumnus visit to fix his installing fydeOS problem. in dawn dream, I lingered on the spreadsheet I designed with google workspace for my kid brother's hotel invoice. God dad, I really enjoyed my recovery now, let the page turned forever and new page with new hope. let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I was booted up in your faith and let my eldest brother loan me 100 and treated my favorite foot bath girl KFC. one girl still refused it, but I trusted you to handle the food and left. I felt so agile that several days I will be contented with motionlessly. today likely a warm day, I saw my knees took no anxiety to grow stronger every day. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last dusk I tried to convey my shock when 3 under graduates in foot bath hall recharged their membership 1000 cny, to my contats while I hardly afford the ammount for fun at will. in dawn dream my knees hard to find comfort layout and I dreamed one boot bath girl liked to play pc game. so I dream in troop and shooting. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last dusk I entrusted my son offering some money from his pocket money for fruits. I bought additional grapes for my favorite foot bath girl but she refused to accept it again, like previous KFC, coffee, etc. dear God dad, when I waiting the takeout delivery, I already praying u bless it, so it didn't hurt me. enough is enough, I would not obliged to buy her anything. this morning I felt growth among my knees, dear God, let my life easier.

dear God dad, my prayer heard and the foot bath girl took my gift grapes. last night I watched a movie of Alzheimers disease carrier, I was so blessed with the love to the girl. another my favorite foot bath woman also kindly persuaded not sending food any more. this morning I lingered on bed more time, for my main job is recovery, which better in dream. God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, I should be more low profile but God I missing shopping online, esp when my kid brother fussed. now one day passed, I enjoyed my fruits takeout very much. my budget for this salary soon is tight and I had not much to say. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last night I too bored and begged u to allow me find some fun, and U granted me to treat my nephew twice. the boy's daughter just born and he delayed my commiting my promise twice. I had many to complain, esp my shitty kid brother put constrains on me, but I saw clearer that U bring best result to me. this morning my knees seemingly more stable, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this dawn my knees still felt many constrains and let my sleep unstable, but I saw durablility improves. dear God dad, last dusk another female worker of the hotel helped me to fetch meal among my sinful kid brother's hostile, let me grateful. I enjoyed my fruits very much, dear God, let my life easier.

dear God, last dusk in dark I reviewed my kid brother's environment, esp his account, his supply manager which both his close relatives but not trustworthy. then I sms him about his falure, I didn't listen to u for I grateful for his free boarding and lodging. Dear God, rip my risk of resentment from those stupid relatives, let my life easier.

dear God, I felt lighter constrains among my knees. in dawn dreams I dwelt a lot among my knees then I clearly saw my wedding photographs which we did twice against taboo and ominous. when i suggested my colleague's suggestion, my ex-wife distrusted me, then when done, she complained she seemingly too old in product photos, upon her complain, I didn't shit but did choose my advantage: acquaintance allows I redo. I still remembered the camera woman, who is beautiful, whose dubious eyes querying why I didn't respect tradition. the larger photo is like my son's mom's solo, likes a virgin or a small girl never grow up. she overwatched the lounge where she tutored for profit all day long which insane in my eyes and expelled me. it's still the only photo left in her house. I saw now no intimacy between us, we just distrusted each other, and I would not turn back to her. dear God, I felt much easer after the decision. let my life easier, God dad.

dear God dad, yesterday I found a poor girl foot bath worker brought her kid brother to workplace frequently, likely just for free lunch. I sms my kid brother trying employ him. in dawn dream I knew CCP chairman died and felt such a relief. the weather becomes more and more enjoyable in the morning so I spend more time on bed. dear God, let my life easier.