hard fight


Submitted by agarten on 周五, 05/14/2021 - 07:55

dear God dad, even sometimes I couphed, but overall a smooth night passed, I ran my routine with ease. my knees were stiff but they were normal. hear Holy, it's a golden sunny morning, let my gratitude sings.

dear God dad for privacy yesterday I muted. I tried to talk dirty upon the foot bath operator women. last night I saw she didn't enjoy that, so I lately contacted my elder sister for loan 200 cny for compensation for the woman, after my son refuted me 3 times. foot bath seemingly helpful for removing pains in my knees, God, let my sanity shines. in dawn dream I saw ccp surveillance everywhere, even a mac computer equipped additional ram and ssd, it still need approval before them can be harnessed. I saw they tried to put my son in connecgted surveillance. then in flight, my alumnus, Chenxj, making calls aside me, the ditched his mobile on floor. there were no seats, we sat on floor. I piled his mobile with mine and don't know why he so disrespected the gear. dear God dad, CCP constantly attempted incures misery in my life, esp financially, dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday exceptional graceful: I tipped the foot bash worker, ordered my 2 takeout, one for fruit, one for coffee. in any circumstance, my praying heard. dear God dad, what can compared to my obligation? in dawn dream, I closely watched the venger films' main actors, and those superheros like wonder, laser eyes,etc, and I know I was among the supernature, as the Son. this moment pains in my hands and knees both decreased. Dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this dawn I seemingly contented and nothing to utter. still, I praying my financial sanity. dear God dad, now that I entrusted my finance to Asoh Yukiko, I wouldn't look back. grant me anxious free salary day coming, thx Holy!

dear God dad, yesterday I didn't visit foot bath and my knees pains free.but I dozed a lot. this morning all things seemingly nice. CCP relentlessly aiming disgraced me, it mistakened my salary card number and detered my salary which was very poor, half than normal. Dear God dad, these days I missing the small town and my sisters' house. grant me to return and have some rest in coming children holiday. let my life easier!

dear God dad, this morning I peacefully welcome your cure upon my painful knees and hands. I don't complain for I saw surely the possibility, and your mercy upon my deterred salary CCP strangled my cash flow. dear God dad, how I felt blessful upon my coming returning to my sister's little town? I will have my sofa to rest my legs and more steady walk on ground. Dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this busy morning I renew my sites' ssl. I will return to small town, Tianzhen, where my mother-alike eldest sister forever slept, now that my recovery just a case of time and anxious free. dear Holy, CCP tried all means to humiliatated me, esp strangled my cash flow. dear God dad, let me take taxi to Tianzhen and grant me larger space of active. Dear Holy, thank u.

Dear God dad, my first working morning in Tianzhen since yesterday settlement. for dependence my relatives' aid, my pains thicker than I coped it on my own. but dear God dad, I know it's just a matter of time. in this beautiful sunshine, I will dozed, i will rest my leg on sofa's handle. dear Holy, I just can't help sing.

dear God dad, my left knee's hurt revealing and more painful before total recovery. the neighbor's funeral is ending and I saw a normal but robust family. my finance saved and I now almost figured out why my salary card seemingly not income: I spent it via icbc's fake credit card. they shared my income. dear Holy, i saw clearer the bliss upon me. let my life easier.

dear God dad, again I was in town. even my relatives tried to ignore me, I managed to taxi to my kid brother's hotel. I used last penny to have a massage which let my knee ligher. in this quiet early morning, dear God, my confidence is abound. let my life easier.

dear God dad, recently I started to recognized, anytime since my hometown returning, healing on going. now I almost saw last pains. I getting stronger every day. yesterday the kids, son of my kid brother and my nephew, asking for food, I then went to vending machine to buy them juice and porridge. my kid brother again accusing my poor, I didn't rebark but God dad, they were really enough. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday my Kid brother lingered longer in his hotel hall, trying let me talked to him after the insulting remarks, but I didn't. I let it go. in dusk I trying find fun by chating with my niece who helped my ordering fruits but she can't leave her stance and hurted and closed talk. dear God, I only left with u with my solitary. this morning my feeble knees no way to find comfort no matter how to lay them.let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday likely the most uncomfortable day for my feeble knees: lingering sores, stiff joint. last night it drzzled and felt cold, but my stupid brother-in-law refused to find me a quilt. praying God and I slept and all night warm. this moring my knees more feeble but I felt it would be eve of recovery. dear Holy, how I anxious about my poor salary with which CCP relentlessly attempted to hurt me. let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday almost perfect, my knees saw stronger, my sisters resumed to talk. but most important, my recovery sees progress. dear God, healing more painful than sickening, old wound revealed and lingering. reviewing the history of your companion, I felt more faithful than even, esp upon my salary strangled by CCP. hear Holy let my life easier.

dear God dad, last night really non-enjoyable for my feeble knees: no way to evade their sore and stiff. in dawn dream, CCP general's offspring, son of chenyi, exerting his influence upon PRC war. he find no fun among his possible role in war like I did on bed, but he finally found quartermaster for himself. he did like his pals, so called red 2nd geration. my knees much stronger this morning, which will be the second brillant day, no matter in vision nor as my med, thanks dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, yesterday I got a super rich salary. I relentlessly for it for so many days and only left one prayer: let God sees my situation. with the suprising pay check, I committed several budgets at once, budge for foot bath girls, budge for my fruits, budget for clear debts to my relatives, etc. so yesterday is a full workday. after foot bath, haircut, I laid on sofa and enjoyed breeze in dusk and obliged to God so strong. dear God dad, my recovery unbreakable, let my life easier.

dear God dad, I returned to the small town Tianzheng, again, by taxi. last night I slept sound, this morning I felt knees stronger. dear God, I had some tasks at stack, let my life easier, God.

dear God dad, QRRS union offered a 1000 cny pack for poor family, but strangely didn't added into my salary card. I desperately to buy a TV for my 2nd elder sister's home from it, so I contacted my alumnus for circulation but defied twice. this morning one of them changed mind and offered me half and I had to give up for it couldn't afford a TV. dear God, my brother-in-law helped clear floor, and made me tea. dear God, i'm so blessed, let my life easier.

dear God dad, another moistured morning. I just recovered one of my OS from ccp's intrusion. ccp relentlessly strangled with my online activities, now that my websites hard to bite, they aiming my offline desktop workspace, trying let me baselessly. last night I let my son bought me some fruits and i at once shared with one of my favorite foot bath girl who playing majong on the same floor. my knees much better now, God, let my life easier.