byebye cheap sex


Submitted by agarten on 周三, 05/26/2021 - 06:08

dear God dad, time to farewel for seeking cheap sex. in last month I tried all means to gain sex initiatives from my brother's foot bath workers and now my kindness aroused more defense from those poor female workers: they bargain for more than I would enjoy. dear God dad, I saw more confidence in you to find better girl in Qiqihar, not here. dear God dad, now dust down and how I was fortunate not lost. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this dawn I lingered longer on bed, i dreamed a lot vividly. among my QRRS pals, we cheated to join a domestic seminar, then cheated again to join international seminar, namely in Russian. we hacked the machine demonstrated, having affairs with Russian girls, when we left, my Nankai alumnus seemingly also there and we stolen some components. this morning my pains thicker but I knew it's steadily recovering. dear Holy, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last night I a bit relentlessly, for there is not comform layout for my knees. so I changed facing a lot. dear God dad I trusted your work and I almost mostly short memories. let my life easier.

dear God dad, my kid brother listened to me, did some human resource adjustment in his company, so yesterday I sms him more about my observation and problematic of his company which I rendered his youth so far. in dawn dream, I can't find comfort on bed while my knees hardly extendable. my nephew writing a book in town, I recite a phrase of his book, then I can via it step on water surface and crouch another leg and let myself felt better. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, last night my acquaitance in QRRS, my previous workplace and still employeed, a SOE, talked to my about my recovery, I replied careful. this morning my knees' pains less and I found which side which leg can crouch. dear God, yesterday PSBC buzzed in and told me they let court locked my bank acct and they misinformed that it left with 4000cny. after I told him it actually has 20000cny, he said he will soon seek clearing court lock and bank clearance. let my life easier, God dad.