happy birthday, woz

Submitted by benzrad on 周二, 05/26/2015 - 10:55

ur world turns more and more beautiful and powerful. let's dig deeper for the fountain of ever-green life.
u r the best, man, and in long run u make the world functioning innovative.
wish u a happy day in school.

dreamt in campus I again dwelt before dropout. the university is likely Peking Univ. I roamed a single structure dorm building, most of its rooms empty, likely due to graduation season. I entered my once dorm room but my luggage was not there, none belongs to me. then in roaming I was called by my once classmates that the dean want to know if I want to enroll patrol team of university faculty, not official but paid lightly. when I just wondered the offer I woke up. then I found my waking up a bit earlier for in my new agenda one meal a day, I better got up after 8 or 9am. then I dreamt caring my son. my infant suddenly dropped a huge poo in a second. his mom, later sometimes mixed with my beloved elder sister, offer tissues to clean. we all glad. it's a sunny winter morning. the dorm toilet cleaner likely absent again, very messy wet ground in it, near 8:30am yet. with my music, I relieved in a new workday.

dreamt my 2nd elder brother gave birth another children, a twin. his 2nd son, my nephew still lives with him, also appeared in dream. the brother was glad, but reserved as usual. I more or less at a loss, for I longing for my second child so long, and with which I should change my lonely life so far.
its first post after PRC surveillance broke my vpn near a week. all open web dead, even prepared, I still felt hard to live without news, English ambience. after hush to get some podcasts working, my wardless web partially resumed aided by vpn vendor's new solution. thx God, we still in hope of universal web and democracy.

there will be candles, cake, and best wishes.
dad promised me a surprise on my new birthday. can't wait for it.
even in hard time of sinking PRC, we try our best to make everyday best.
hope u, wonderful friends all over the world, a bright day on the day.