cozy while tender dream in lunar 2018 first morning


Submitted by riveryog on 周五, 02/16/2018 - 09:42

dreamt with my son, or my once department leader I trust, went shopping. I buy a chess board to replace wrecked. my son or the friend saw its nice and want to pick some pieces to replace his missing ones. but I disagree, so we bought more suits. when we ordered, some short of supply, but lucky as we were, new commodity just arriving and we help to shift them from stock to booth. before that I also dreamt of my once senior middle school alumnus, Lyu Songya, whom I admired but unable led to intimacy. I now forgot what a dream about her was, but the saleswoman in later dream likely her, with whom I liked dependently and trusted. last night it snowed, killing dirty air stupid Chinese firecrackers polluted.

dreamed in my hometown my mother introduced new house for me. my elder brother also presented. the new house near my dad's house and close to our mountain. I'm proud of it. then dreamed taught my son how to be hospitable while maintain economic, carefully design party above an average budget: selective investing.

fetch my med with canteen's loan. met a woman acquaintance on bus stop whom I recently reviewed. she is tall and seldom witness of my glorious old times a decade ago with my baby son, during hard time QRRS cable TV branch punished me for my refusal upon job relocation, in salary less than 900 CNY/mon. she then worked as saleswoman in a grocery shop near schools. I brought my son haunted her place quite some times, and somewhat inspired by her neatiness.
God, dad, help me finding a tall girl in new marriage! and bring me another child for glories of the Son.