long time dream comes true.


Submitted by agarten on 周二, 04/14/2015 - 21:30

back to 2006 when my civil marriage, first one, brought my vision to help Chinese student with cyberspace tool for faciliate their English study, when my son's mom taught English in junior middle school. I designed logo, brand for my spouse I longing before my marriage. for from my parents' painful but passionate marital life, I learned family education foremost cheirshed treasure for future generations. but they delayed so far for not support situation.
now, exactly winter of 2014, among merry Christmas atmosphere, I gained the domain, agarten.in for my soul partner. here she finally open for the exciting new world. with it, I learn with cloud, esp young generations; with it, I develop solid base of supportive social consciousness.
my dear flagship, agarten.in, launchs here with angel's hope, with silver wind and birds' song, carries my years deposit and growing hope for unknow to promised land!
God with u, my dear hope.

hopeful my girls will see my efforts. hope sooner we gather and live together.
nice try in nice day!