dream of hometown mountain.


Submitted by riveryog on 周五, 11/18/2016 - 10:06

dreamt with my cousin who lives in nearby village, on our village mountain. we pick mountain produce, like mushroom, nuts, flowers, etc, with his son. I comment mountain likes a vertical space to increase versatile of species. the mountain just near my passed dad's old house. my dad likely also appeared in dream. I still doubting why the cousin appeared on our mountains.
today I will fetch my son over to linger in my dorm a night. my salary card finally unfreezed. now hoping sooner my USD account within my icbc credit card unlocked. God, grant me freedom to renew my web assets.

我在看youtube live,当我起身走到门前,听见逃走的急促脚步声和其后的仓皇关门声。我的房间外就是宿舍走廊的摄像头,想共产党中国的绝大多数一样,该起作用时不起作用。该贼可谓有恃无恐,贱劲十足。

this week mostly sandstorm occupied the brown skyline. last dusk it loosely dripped. after a night it merely wet the ground. I busy on site building so didn't feel the indoor chill. but when I packed to visit my son, street moisture chilled me in stumble.
I had good time this afternoon in visit my son: steam game on which I made new progress, updated woz's android devices, demonstrated my work preparing his new personal portal at woga.me. and the last and most important, first meal served at railway hotel by its ready food sector. its only cost us 33 CNY after we both full, including woz's cola and a small dish of snack. its just as good as expected and we have new outlet of our pastime. thx God.
tomorrow, we will lunch out at Formosa pies, and we will renew our public bathroom groupon, 250 CNY. my purse only has 275 CNY. really tough deal ahead.
after all, the rain really nice, dad God, bring the arid land more!
drizzling QRRS Dorm scene

in dawn dream I visited Tianjin art college where no my old friends like Limoufeng, Bianba chungdak appeared. still in their class' closet, I occupied one with my padlock in secret. There were student busy there, so I doubting if the authority remove my lock, how would they search my notebook inside. the campus is beautiful, just none of mine. After woke up when I putting up, I wondering if they google my name, if they once missed me in these years, for my name is unique while most of them not. when I went to toilet after got up, the insane woman in neighbor half room standing in corridor actively talked to me, warned me of wet floor while she mopped the toilet, but she is not the official cleaner. She collected recyclable materials into 2 black bags and left. She once surveillance me every day in the passed years, but now she turned more useless in CCP's eyes which insatiable for my privacy. Dear God dad, last night I talked to my 2nd elder brother in my hometown, who also more broken, dear dad, I hated nobody. on the contrast, I smile more for your arrangement. bring me new blood & your new grandson, Holy. thx for the gorgeous morning sunshine.

first dreamed GTA, a game I didn't try for its dark theme. days ago I watched a movie, a cop called car stealth case GTA, so in dream I figure out some of my possess with GTA, or GTT, can be from department of state secretary, for I didn't have access google, I can't search, but just research. later my sister-in-law, ie. wife of 2nd elder brother, a gay, entrusted me change her items into valuable through the way find their hidden source. recent 2 days I more relaxed in morning sleep, God dad, improving my life step by step. in this peaceful morning, dear Holy, grant my obligation for what I enjoyed so far.

It's QRRS 2021 first Monday, so they fired a long cracks to celebrate it. in dawn dream I first in campus. I collect autobiography of a nobel laureate and his 3 or 4 thesis and tried to vend among graduates.I glides as I frequently experienced in dream through sideways and bargained with students. then dream with kids for camping, I told them to describe a procedure like seasons in colorful words, like yellow, gray, when QRRS' cracks near its end, I described it as dark and smoking. this morning peaceful for me, for I got up till enough on bed. God dad, let my life easier. last night I ordered Mcdonald and fruits for my son, he insisted I should informed him before I ordered, I told him every words CCP listened on wire, how could I first told cop rather than Holy. I told my son the most hated and feared for CCP surveillance is my grace God grants, that's why they relentlessly inflicting. my son silenced.

in dawn dream I first met Yuan Shikai to hand over state assets. when I stepped into the basement, the build geared up and locked,like a living creature. then later I again, likely with my son, stepped into the room but we in wrong direction. as soon as we corrected our direction, it geared up and screwed up. like an ancient treasure guardian. this morning I got up later for I enjoyed warm bed. my left shoulder seemingly allows sleeping on it. still God dad, let my life easier.

last night I doubted a lot about my nephew. his beautiful wife inspired me a lot while he felt my threat. he in need of hands, so he hired several our relatives even their salary he offered quite poor. in dawn dream, my house down payment transferred likes my nephew's in metropolis and lived cozily between my home & my office. then my niece. ie only daughter of my uncle married elsewhere and transitionally live in one of my real estate. we all glad upon the convenience helpfully. in dream I planned a lot between office and house, satisfied by my arrangement. dear God dad, let my life easier.

in dawn dream I with an alumnus who worked in state academic institution to return to our campus in Tianjin. for during pandemic we kept low profile still one of my Tianjin aluminus treated us meals before other activities. last night I tried to tackle my kid brother's sexual life which was likely problematic. he likely a gay but in huge terror to confest it.even worse, he hated to defense his family's stability, his wife's sanity. he aided me in recent years but likely snobbery for my dad bestowed me Empire of China. in less than 2 minutes he blacklisted me in his message app. dear God dad, his wife might terribly influenced him, coerced him. save my relatives from sins, dear Holy, let my Royal strong.

in dawn dream first with my alumni during pandemic, we kept low profile, still most of alumni in Tianjin treated us each home by home, and don't hesitated to share us family private space. in late sleep, dreamed I home cooking a goose, some my hometown villagers talked to me, referred guild secret of tomb wealth, for my passed dad is a stone craftsman, my eldest brother was a house builder, while my brother-in-law was a carpenter. my right hand more painful now, dear God dad, let my life easier.