dreamed of playing Japanese style sleep training game


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 02/02/2021 - 09:36

in dawn dream, I want my sleep more enjoyable and fruitful, so I trained my sleep with Japanese style training game: many power-ups, many route upon your choice, I yet get all of it, but I chose how & where I want to enhance. my main problem is want to keep warm in morning while my dreams to blog, my body after a night sleep also stiff and i want more joys from sleep. this morning peaceful after all, dear God dad, let my life easier, let my Japanese Queen, Asoh Yukiko live with me.

last noon I wrapped myself with blanket & dozed, when I woke up my body warm but my right lower part of leg wet & cold. that reminded when I first time moved into this dorm room the air was damned wet & I busy with my tasks without break. when I jogged near 3pm, I found nerves of my right leg resumed: my ankle is strong & flexible. my lower part of leg felt warmth in the cold weather. before my dinner I told my son the gospel. my bank account also added some bonus the colleague informed days ago. I transferred the grandma of my son 100 CNY for celebration & thankful. all the night my leg sensible. in the night I peed twice. each time i returned to dream, I dreamed my confined bed as some condo where I persuade some young man of my concern, say nephew or hometown kid, to marry and have sex for the purpose of life. I even dreamed of erotic sex position. after anxious free got up, my fingers' pain slightly thicker but however I put up swift, now I'm hopeful. dear God dad, my faith in you stronger.

my confined bed now hardly a relaxation for my stiff body, still I had to. last night I likely peed twice, each time returned to dream, I detailedly dreamed of in rebellion organization. we planted mines under pebbles, also planted potatoes. we fought for Australian. I designed campaigns, assigned man hands.last night I reviewed my first love with a hometown neighbor's niece, who didn't complete her college but married a graduate provincial. long time I thought I missed most of my hometown province's girls' love then I moved to northeastern China while my hometown is central China, but now I recognized, I didn't miss the best part of it: we did our best contact when we last walk out in the hometown town she accepted my invitation. we were so poor but we had youth & young plays in which I regret for nothing, for both of us. Dear God dad, I once lost balance upon my lingering bed, now it turned out peaceful and routine. Thanks, God dad, let my life hopeful & playful.

recently reviewed my first love more and tried to reach it. I trusted my kid brother who busy with his business and rebuffed my will to reconnect. then my nephew responded, offered hand. he is also a businessman. he inquired my mindset, my dad as God, my being the Son. it was almost first time I explained my family legacy. in dawn dream, I devised plan to buy siberia, as another way from military action to free Chinese north. that's why I lingered here so long even I desperate for central China sunshine.later I detailedly design layout of leaflet of likely promotion our victory of gain siberia. last night unfortunately the pee kettle turned upside down and spoilt, for I didn't in night perceived the situation. however, it not smelly, nor messy. thanks God, I still enjoyed this crystal clearly settled morning.

in dawn dream once & once, I treated my bed as state funeral, or imperial memory hall.then again I used it as command center, or operative base, for interviewing VIPs and issue ordains. last night I peed some outside of the kettle. dear God dad, let me find new laundry contractor, let me clean and keep sanity. today I due to shower, let my baptism smoothly, dear Holy!

last night my carelessness let my pee kettle spoilt again for the kettle tilted. It's a peaceful sunday Morning. with music & apple from yesterday street farmer vendor, I felt satisfying. last night I dreamed my son first facing his challenge, but he handled the task differently from me. I expected he compressed our transferring programe & data in one multi-part archive, but he seperated into 2 files, my data and his OS. I at first anxious about data integrity, but seemingly faultless.recently I more and more thought about sex, I hope I can exchange sex with my beloved female.God dad, enable me as whole man, grant me acting wholly responsible.

last night I got pee kettle right after 3 failures. in dawn dream, we among concerned like my son, that we will survive till enter survival phrase. for the purpose, I peed near 7am and returned to quilt in which I dreamed we entered survival phrase, till the water bag opened and the inside octopus released. It's normal morning, dear God dad, my anxiety upon my painful fingers relentless. hear Holy, let my life easier and my life wholly.

last night I almost got erection. I had to pee to lessen heat gathering in my penis.God shown I still capable of sex. in dawn dream, I remotely contacted someone, like my son, I tried hard to keep my surface layer has running water like my hometown's brook. after got up and preparing blog, I saw my parents seeing my departure for school. God knows how they missing me while I never perceived that when I was young. this morning I lingered longer on bed, still I didn't miss timing. God dad, let my life easier.

last night I video talked with my dearest sister, in which i saw clearer the wife of her elder son, I commented why the son did't satisfied now that his wife so beautiful and sons so smart? then in night my son and his mom refused to talk to me several times, likely they hated I left them. in dawn dream, I was a coach of a Taekwondo candidate, we saw many promising candidates, but we were not trained except labor and chores. we don't know how to complete the competition now that we were arranged the last. the cliche saying we won at large surprisingly but we really don't know how to martially beaten someone down, except my candidate like a kingkong in size. near dawn I need to pee while lingering in quilt's warmth, i only remember a word descripting ourselves mockingbird. dear God dad recently 2 days I jogged in hottest period of day, my leg and knee felt better, don't let me anxious about timetable, dear Holy.

last night was lunar new year eve. fireworks everywhere let me sleeplessly. in dawn dream outside of a building, one side is the gleeson's story, another side is another disabled athlete. I always thought the difference between diligent & slavery, grace & cheap, blessed & ruthless like beast. gleeson's dad, the freezing man's father, likely from a cheap family, so he pushed hard his son relentlessly surviving like beast. that forced his team members in shames or glory, like every industry has downplay.that remind my own history: I relentlessly chased my learning, esp computer, even in adversities situation like the current chilly dorm room which disabled me now with painful fingers & waist. those years in my youth, I never complained poor salary, long time non-break hardworking, coarse food. dear God dad, mightbe I never know Marxism's bitchiness different from capitalism's grace, mightbe I never know Chinese well educated than blacks & Muslim. dear Holy, there must be a standard for my imperial citizenship, let my Empire shrives while barbarian sinks, beast sink. I seeking bliss, dear Holy.

in dawn dream I with my partner interviewed for software development. a corporate woman assigned to us.I intended to develop 3 tools, each with unique criteria, say, the 3rd is teaching taichi,I using inside or outside of a home base to judge the progress of learning. others I forgot now. yesterday I got my dinner normally in restaurant even most restaurant shutdown in lunar new year. in noon jog, I shifted 50 CNY to 4 kids on their way to downtown for fun. dear God dad, peace in my heart and your promise let this morning shines.

in dawn dream, I insisted time zone 9 would be better than where China was, global time zone 8. I saw time zone 9 has wealthier payroll, versatile goods and service, far more dearer, much huger cash flow. dear God, yesterday watched a video of armless kid dealing with personal care, dear God dad, I should not complain my pains, but still this morning I felt sad that I can't live without pains. dear God dad, pandemic lockdown near its end, grant me another laundry contractor.

in dawn dream prayed God not let my son frequent masturbation, with which I did a lot in my youth due to unable to afford real sex. but since my adulthood, I never did once. last night I posted passionate post in my alumni group. this morning I got up slightly earlier, God, I like it. this noon I will picked back a restaurant I once haunted but refuted once by the boss, for I lost appetite in my recent frequented restaurant. God, let it peaceful and fruitful.

last night, I tentatively let my quilt cooler and get a better fast sleep. in dawn dream, in family life i cared my son and without special treat, his heat disappeared and didn't sneeze, totally resumed to healthy after covid-19 pandemic. i didn't saw his mom's joys but our gratefulness is real and huge. last night reviewed CCP's wrest not to allow my acquaintance to accept my laundry contract, aiming sicken me in insanity. dear God, I will wait and see, before that I will survive weeks only spa no fresh clean inner clothes. dear Holy, save me from rotten.

last dusk in restaurant I talked with my favorite waitress my eldest sister who committed suicide in her 30s'. I told her why I felt her as my mom, while my biologic mom dependent on my pension. in dawn dream, I created a poem says, on the empty dawn deck when my nephew left my parents' custody and reunited his father, also a decade ago his mom jumped into river in early spring dawn after a dispute with her husband and never turns back. my parents likely felt the vain and gave birth of my kid brother later now most wealthy among my siblings. my brother-in-law kept single for several decades for his wife, my eldest sister, then lately in 50s or older, he married again and had one or two children. my nephew claimed he felt my mom like mom in recent chat while he obviously loyal to his dad after left my parents family. dear God dad, I never saw clear the dynamics of our old family, but I am so obliged to it. dear God, holifies my eldest sister in heaven. let my life enjoyable, God dad.

last night I finally got showered with fresh clean under clothes.I paid the dorm canteen operator family's kid to replace my bed sheet and quilt cover while I haunted spa. in the spa, I met the cashier who has perfect breasts. she wore a yellow shirt with word 'Royal', we had nice conversations, including another elder woman worker. in the night I sleeplessly in hours, for the painful and relentlessly desire. in dawn dream I saw a Queen, I tought her sword on horse. taught her defense by fasten opponents' incoming thrusts with sword's entangling. then she develop herself female knights team, adopted defense shield as badget, while I moved on to be aggressive tactics. in dawn, my sleep was cozy and rich. dear God dad, let my life easier.

these days fingers' pains let me lingered more on bed in dawn. in my mind, my bed likes a H clockwise 90, only 2 sides larger to allow my arm's spread, and legs' stretching. in dawn dreams, I always regard there were some eggs shaped memory capable units among the paddles aside my foot, I chose one like choosing a wife or a computer to enter another dream or adventure. this dawn dream I vivid saw my dark cousin, who once CCP cadre and close chaser of my dad, I saw my mom waiting for my homework while I in risks. my homework is like a clipboard with different narrative elements, likely include memory of son of my only aunt, whose major is construction design. dear God dad, after broke so many obstacles to arrive here, I in time to catch my main meal and morning sunshine. thx Holy, let my life easier.

yesterday first time I felt my most helpful thumb and 2nd finger were hurting: painful & inflexible. at lunch my all thoughts were shifting to my hometown, where much hotter than here, where I will put on less and less painful amid. returned to dorm, i searched train travel and let my son offer money needed. before 1 pm, I got the e-ticket. I informed people I concerned, esp working unit where some guy suggested my preparing proof of innocent during pandemic. now I will have more time to prepare the leave, previously I had 2 regrets: first, not married a local tall girl, but a short wealthy girl, but I naturally admire tall girl; 2nd, didn't spend all life closely look Siberia as Holy entrusted. now I trust all to God dad, and in faith a better plan ahead. dear Holy, let the event sooner to arrive.

dear God dad, I can't wait for the hometown journey. in dawn dream, I decompile an app distributed by CCP, found its core functions self-limited not to improve, but just act like a trojan reporting to its server. then I replaced the 2 core parts with normal, self-improving ones and repacked for family usage. this morning I lingered more time on bed, dear God dad, soon I will showered, let my life easier.

dear God dad, this morning really slept consolidated. I lately now to blog. in dawn dream we entered Australia, where there were 3 ports accessible but all encrypted. I unable to read the text but still we granted to enter. in a dusk scene, we play soccer on beach while destiny so close. dear God dad, near launching I still felt nervous, grant me a peaceful journey and stable workspace.

dear God dad this afternoon I will be on way hometown. last dusk I napped sound. this dawn dreamed recently watched movie, a girl of USA president during catastrophe trying to evade his dad's influence to build her confidence via through herself in rescue volunteer, I felt the similarity of my son who the gifted. dear Holy let our life promising as usual, let my journey for healing harvesting.

after 2 days in hometown after train tour, my workspace almost settled. my kid brother failed to fetch me on bus station, likely tested my altitude. I didn't take it and let taxi carried me to my sisters' home, while my brother intended to let me porting in his hotel. but last late night he drove from his office to my sister's home to visit me. we didn't choose grudge and he paid my alipay credit immediately. my sister insisted to treat me with herb and hot steam.I saw no reason to refute her. dear God dad, let my life easier and improving.

these 2 days settled my workspace at hometown, and I even equipped myself another intel nuc for backup. my elder sister treated my painful fingers and knee with steam and I felt more or less pains eased. in dawn dream I join a cult sex carnival, where every things renamed with new title and charged members for that. in the scene I saw a pay likely the boss of a nuts shop in Qiqihar where I haunted some cases. dear God dad, let my recovery sooner.

yesterday, my sister's granddaughter returned from her school. I called her grace, she is a shy girl. I tried to let her play android game on my chromebox but too hard to convinced her.so I entrushed her father, my nephew to do that. my pains changing, dear God dad, let me be hopeful.

last nighy on bed I heard frogs' communicative sound is huge. this morning I heard birds' song beautiful. I dreamed but i forgot. my nephew send me new clothes and quite stylish. my sister who cared me recently vengeful in face of my grace and tried to let me exercise in pains, while I praying God my life easier. my new gears coming and I will busy in days for my new workspace. Dear God dad, let your cure sooner.

after 3 occasions treated my kneel with herbed steam, dear God dad, my leg's pain eased. this morning I likely without dream, and I got up earlier to prepare my new nuc oses' installation. dear God, so promising that my life relived. what obligation can compare mine!

it's a raining morning, dear God dad. yesterday my kid brother suddenly visited my workspace at my sisters' house, and brought me to his hotel. now my workspace nested here nicely setup, with my own router, nuc, etc. even still missing some small items, I can write this post & publishing onto my websites. dear God, our hometown really in huge changes, let me enjoy my new life her.

after 2 days in hometown after train tour, my workspace almost settled. my kid brother failed to fetch me on bus station, likely tested my altitude. I didn't take it and let taxi carried me to my sisters' home, while my brother intended to let me porting in his hotel. but last late night he drove from his office to my sister's home to visit me. we didn't choose grudge and he paid my alipay credit immediately. my sister insisted to treat me with herb and hot steam.I saw no reason to refute her. dear God dad, let my life easier and improving.

dear God dad, these days i woke up earlier, and this dawn I relentlessly on bed waiting for morning. I will try to kill the blue light on my power sock, but dear God, do i have something unsettled? yesterday my kid brother let her wife and his brother-in-law met me on dinner table. I turned less talkative, for I didn't have due respect there. last night, I first time ate dinner lately around 9pm with restaurant workers. I complimented a girl with long legs that if u were younger i will surely chase her for her adorable figures. that aroused laughs among female workers there. daylight a bit boring here on 7th floor, with music frequently interrupted by CCP surveillance. but I think I can afford it. dear God dad, rains these days let me disappointed, let it sunny sooner. thx Holy.

another premature sleep, however, I got hot shower and picked up my infected nuc. ccp malware from android's skype spam spread to all disk, including linux and windows partitions, dear God dad, persistent surveillance continued after my thousand miles' travel. this relentless harassment really annoyed me. currently hard to estate damages, possible my portable storage. dear God dad, rip my pains in ass sooner.

now I recognized that in near a week in my kid brother's hotel, i didn't take pills. that explained why I woke up earlier.now likely a sunny morning to come, I more relaxed in this small town.and I enjoy meals my elder sister prepared. last night her treated my pians again with herbed steam. she want to harshed treat me if needed, including huge pains, but I pray God's mercy to evade me such hard time. i prayed God'd cure direct & soon, not fight against pains. dear God dad, let my life easier.

last night my kid brother brought my brother-in-law who worked for him to visit me and invited me again. I told him at least half month to prepare.in dawn dream, I found inter-exchangeable of intelligence, just like labor, if u paid the cost you will gain the intelligence fruit. in dream I asked what's the counterpart of religion, but I got no answer. then in dream I invested on labor for intelligence. the quilt is too heavy and my body painful, so this morning I got up later. dear God dad, let my life easier, let my cure sooner.

yesterday my neck limited with pains. so I asked my sister replaced a quilt. in dawn dream, I with my son on a bus and struggled with a fat young man with his pal, like I did on the train with a cheap elder.we like won the fight. then in a lib where the crew replaced my game gear's storage for free. the dream likely all about google's gaming platform, stadia, as it appeared on my chromeOS first time in my recent installation. this peaceful morning, dear God dad, my pains seemingly thicker, let my life easier, dear Holy.

dear God dad, another drizzling morning. pains on my fingers and knee turn thicker and I in faith of recovery turns more stronger.  last dusk I treated my son and children of my nephew in eastern China with KFC and fruits takeout, except address mistook 4 times, nothing wrong without bliss. dear God dad, what obligation can compared with mine? dear Holy, let my gratefulness stays.

dear God dad, this moment how I was contented! last dusk I ordered Mcdonald and fruits takeout for my nephews' children, my elder sister disbelieved my dad God and I taught her some lessons. now all concerned convinced by my argument, and left with love and proud. dear Holy, let my painful recovery sooner.

dear God dad, I saw today more likely a sunny day, but still my pains pestered me a lot. recovery signal is so strong that I almost demanding no pains immediately, but my body just couldn't obey. yesterday my QRRS colleague called in for dispatching food coupon and I had a chance to talk with my son's mom who will receive it. I got known last fruits takeout didn't delivered even the rider claimed done. I lost near 100 cny. but I immediately ordered my son another fruit takeout for my son. his mom's mobile used to contact, so it wouldn't missed again. dear Holy, my life was so reliable that I was only left to sing in harmony with heaven. let my gratitude stays, dear dad.