dreamed of my website's promo


Submitted by riveryog on 周五, 12/11/2020 - 08:44

near dawn, lingering in concern about if should I buy some advertisement for my website. first dreamed in a beloved circumstance, say among alumni, I tried to remind them of my website but failed. then detailedly dwelling on advertising some page elements for promotion. i even regret why I didn't try free ad credit google once offered.

dear God, I have to see my websites' growth nature, pl rid me my anxiety. this morning, google free ad offer instantly laid in my mailbox. i tried at once but can't afford first purchase. God, it should be long run, isn't it? my duty & my family mission?

dawn dream detailed with my son we visiting mountainous rebelion force or revolution area. a trained captain with his family recepted us. even in restrict career, he treated us kind and wisely. his wife helps. we risked to cross over walls to reach out, among cheap lanes & mop of kids, and left chaos behind. it's sunny morning now, dear God, forgive me lose dream most part.
yesterday QRRS dispatched food coupon. I informed my son's mom to fetch over. she drove here around 6pm. I prepared my son some oranges & chest nuts. God dad, our life is enjoyable!

last night my quilt got too hot and I spend some time to open to let it cool. in dawn dream, my passed dad's office likely belong to union. i designed 3 headings for the union's advertising. I reviewed my works several times still felt pround enough as an amateur. the facing gay room now more and more hostile & criminal, last twice, they put screws on corridor, i reported to dorm administrative, it quietly handled. this time they dump banana skin on toilet room floor aiming hurt me. I will not sms the woman director again, for she donesn't welcome me as low income rentee. dear God dad, clear my circumstance from murders.

this dawn dream was cozy in warm quilt. i again and again dreamed of 5 self serving closets. I likely stored my things with my dad's. I was glad in the end they all working for me. this morning my fingers seemingly more painful, but God dad, I regarded it as the more approaching moment of fixation.

last night dream dwelt about loan restriction: I enjoyed loan, so in dream I attempted to leverage my posses for more loan, or be founded. but no matter how I tried hard I just unable to downpaid more. for it was still dark outside, I backed to bed twice. the quilt is warm and I again in dream trying live well with temporary loan, but Holy message is clear, no debt any more. this dawn I got up with ease, even my fingers still painful. God dad, last night my sister told me my baby brother putting money on your tomb, dear God dad, something had to been done for your glory. I don't know what it is, and where it is,but blood knows. dear dad God, half morning later, I will launched & baptised. my joy unstoppable. dear Holy, thanks for the rich sense in my life even broken but still glows.

in dawn dream I using e-ink whiteboard, scratching mind maps. I got up a bit earlier today, for I hated recently late sleep. the night before yesterday I watched USA movie 'main street', its topic so attractive for me, money, grace, prosperity. then last night PRC surveillance blocked my watching movie within PRC source. dear God, let dog barks upon wrong trees, let less coincidence.

in dawn dream lingering about if I should adopt IRC chat now that I was so lonely & barely talkable all day. in dream I saw IRC communities scattered geologically so large, volunteers so popular to make it prosperous. I always regard extreme declaration as freedom of speech, now that Holy & daily fight so close, and poverty drove so hard to let muslim mad. governments just want pacify, not fix the loser tribe & doctrine. after got up, I doubting if I gave it a try, also Irc download so handy.

likely last night read report that microsoft rip off officially adobe flash player from its OS. the flash player development environment called action script, a decade ago I once learned and adopted it to building my multimedia for corporate training projects. I dreamed first I using it to program system wide projects which usually more powerful language like python or c++ harnessed, then program management projects, like OS menu, OS status management, etc, then the last, i tried to use it to manage object programs, like client, user apps, etc. this morning I got up later, for pains mounting to deter me. now almost all settled, dear God dad, last night i sms several messages to dorm director woman, mocking CCP hidden project to kill me in this shabby place: the facing room residence, some gay workers, tentatively spilt water on floor aiming let me slip. God, your saw my smile.

in dawn dream, i reviewed my family namespace/accounts with github.com, even I had no scripting expertise still I doubting in dream, i can upload some picture stuff for placeholder. so I composited some of my rendered 3d animations' cell with realistic scenery photos and upload for screensaver or desktop. I was proud someday my son might inherit the namespace/accounts there as he knew my workspace and future work mostly on computers. last night when dining in California noodle restaurant, the waitress inquired why last dusk I ditched my meal and left abrupt. I told her their acquaintance, a jobless elder woman cheaply solicited there, let me repulsive. the waitress and the chef woman strongly defended for her, for they beneficial by cheap the woman's gossip, and marginally emotional supremacy. I told them the woman too cheap to let my enjoy meals there. the waitress said her was retired and persuade me eat alone, ignore unpleasance, I tought her if someone's time is free, then this person is cheap & meaningless. anyone with dream should evade the soul. last morning when I lunched out, the dorm director woman tentatively talking someone in the corridor, pretending she not waiting me but in fact she waiting my interactive with her after last night I sms her about cheap CCP & muslim. I just peeked her long legs as usual and left, but I Know I was heard, even in CCP's surveillance. in the night I painful for loneliness, so I called my son's mom for assure he ate the Mcdonald takeout I subscripted him last night. she nodded and complained I let the deliver worker waited too long out of their house, for my son's late schooling. I consolidated her that I will less and less subscribe another one coming months. dear Holy, my life so rich in the moment, I sit the center of my universe of my life, as a parent, as an elder. thx, dear dad God, I was in deep obligation of Holy.

in dream, I travelled around the world and currently in belfast. I want to voice command adding a list item, likely journalism of tourism. I tried many times, some succeed while sometimes failed for format of command wrongly recognized. last night in loneliness I chatted with my alumnus, a guy loved in our senior middle school, then fell in love with another alumni when graduated and married her and had a son. I felt the dying of love in too familiar live and pains of loneliness. he replied me and we mocked each other. he aided me several times financially. dear God dad, let this merry season full of warmth among kind people, grant me light heart even among painful body. this is a gloomy morning, dad God, there will be hope as well as sunshine.

yesterday I talked a lot about myself in my haunted restaurant, I like a gas bag full of hope & passion. but an alumnus, when I full of gratefulness & called him via video in wiexun, he kill me in half minute. yes, he shaved while I casually, he ask for leave in cause of bringing his kid to dine while it was almost 7pm. after the talk, I reviewed my pendent business, my website, my delicious meals, my obligation to Holy, my shabby salary & more and more severe curbing attempts from CCP, I saw large gap between stable life & my adversity. dear God dad, PRC Dying in suffering, CCP, the dictator tried all means to tighten financial reins over common people's life, starvation might be close and economic disaster might be soon. save my web, God, save my tiny enjoyable life so far. in this gloomy morning, Dearest Holy, gather my faith for breakthrough of sustaining my grace.

in dawn dreamed, i dwelt among looters or criminals/gangster in remote area. we had to decrypt then encrypt some asset for storage. dear God dad, there will be a brutal battled today in which i will persuade my baby brother offer additional loan of 700 CNY to cope this month's alipay virtual credit pay back. I almost can't afford to break with the virtual credit, for my life without it will immediately in shortage. God dad, help me get through it.

today I didn't intend to utter, but just continue yesterday's consequence. my baby brother offered me 1500 CNY after my formidable argues, I immediately pay back alipay virtual credit, near 1800, but i was rebuffed any more credit, so now i penniless. CCP must brewed quite some time aiming curb my activities. they currently plotted to take control of alipay, their dream is control PRC with quota. dear God dad, i left with no fear, help me get through this hard economy. help me reach 2021 with merry heart.

in dawn dream I again and again repeated how to declare my 3 children: I will using 30% dynamics with http to declare my first son, then using 50% dynamics with https declare my 2nd child, then 20% with http to do with my 3rd child. I my own don't know what that means, but I had the proportion. my dearest relative, my 3rd elder sister, even hard to believe I will have romance as God promised I have better option in choosing my new partner of life. but yesterday 2 girls in my sphere both accepted my gaze which relax me. in the night i buzzed a alumnus in north China where just pestered by pandemic, he soon bored by my ailment report. dear God dad, I still have faith my suffering can be removed by heat & your mercy. I still believed I can be attractive. thx God dad, this sunny morning, I really anxiousness free.

in dawn dream first likely in campus, my art college friends came over to exchange their graduation presentation, colorful animations like my once obsessed with flash multimedia when I worked for QRRS cable TV. Then dreamed my son waiting me to reinstall OS on his pc while I urgently has another schedule. I install av soft client on it and manually let it fit & reliable. I finally got it working after lots of efforts. dear God dad, it's now a late morning, I just got my toe nails clipperred. Holy spirit, let my life easier.

last night near 7pm, my bought online getup aid arrived. I unable to shift the heavy package, so the porter woman asked one passing guy to help me get it indoor. I open the package, till the heavy pedestal rebuff my any attempt to move it. so I entreated neighbor young guy to install for me. he didn't wasted any time or material and done in a quarter. the steel pedestal quite cold and let my leg cold, so I asked my son's mom to lend me some plastic cushion and she admitted. this morning I lingered more time on bed, for showering after lunch is a daunting job for me, for the painful fingers. dear God, let my life easier.

last night I likely left without dream. this morning I had nothing to review. last dusk I bought some cherryberry from street vendor, I shared some with seejoy dumpling restaurant girl, neighbor kid in dorm, this morning when I washing in toilet, the dorm cleaner approached me and chatted. so I shared the remnant of cheerberry with her. the woman immediately took lion share of it. that let me anger, so I praying God let it go, and my brain empty for my blog. dear God dad, let my life easier.

last night peacefully for me. I dreamed less. in dawn dream again and again I testing my program's messaging function. at first I missed a & and it malfunction, then with '&&' follows messages it worked.I displayed lots of status, till I had no other excuse to stay on bed. dear God dad, let my life easier.

in dawn dream I worked for a public company, which intended to buy a sport team. 3 cadres assigned to managed the team, a tall one, a weak one and me. when we decided to celebrating the operation, the other two failed twice to evade the ceremony. this morning QRRS radio again spoken, while my fingers' pains turned severer. dear God dad, I don't care how bad once was, I looking forward total recovery. let my life easier, dear Holy.

dear God dad, my 2 nuc restored, and all my portable storage erased against hidden sector virus. in dawn dream, I bred a lion and a tiger and some other predators. when I hardly able to care them, I urged them not to eat human.might some heard while some others didn't, but they lived well behind my absence, like a family without parents. it's another gloomy morning, dad, left my life easier.

dear God dad, here again I confronted with the hotel's noise after through the drizzle I reached out to the apartment my kid brother offered. I can't sleep and now I retorted to work. I hope fatigue kill the noise of machine. dear God dad, I intended to linger longer this time here, for the desktop environment better suites me. dear God dad, let my life easier.

dear God dad, several days passed while I busy fixing my infected pc. I equipped myself more gears from online store and result in my elder sister's warn. she was really a cheap soul. dear God dad, now my work near its end, bless my happy ending, dear Holy, for I dislike rush hours.