dreamed of living pendently.


Submitted by riveryog on 周三, 11/04/2020 - 08:40

all the dawn dream thought over & over live independent, ie. solid income. dreamed I managed a temple, fough for food all time, talented or common life, 2 female sent to my temple by temple system, they were professors, still they live for food. i burned brain for living relaxed, literally, but unable, for men live with his land, and his hard working to breed diary products.

dreamed in a military camp where amid a potato field, like my teenage hometown house back yard but not there. the official investigating my case, I stealthily entered office & tried all keys to unlocked the case, in which my dad & kid brother troubled. just when i start my work, the officer entered the room and turn on the light, so the dream ends. i just felt the disloyal to PRC authority, which gradually hostile toward me.

dreamed had sex with girl, say undergraduate, i did enjoy it. after soon wake up, I felt embarrassed to blog it. but i sound in dream without shame nor guilty. my son has his acknowledge but doesn't judge me.

first dreamed view of male cop, interrogate muslim Uyghur in northwestern China. then dreamed of a much higher rank of ccp spy, a female with whom I once more or less attached, i argued enthusiastically in a water park or her house, but God's mercy, it was just babber holy let me shown, like my recent alumni weixun group chat, or my once QRRS leader, Zhou. God let me live vivid while the spying eyes missed in gazing. 
God, I dislike dream while sleeping. blogging drove my rest sleep ruined. but God, they were creation u bestowed. thx, holy.

in dawn dreams, dwelling among servants and followers of my ancestor's Empire China, like state stamp, crown, etc. some youth stopped by us, dropped us some food, but I know we lived by holy. my son with me, we learning Royal affairs together, and the feeling was strong: we r not depondent up people's kindness, but our innocence & holy grace.

first dreamed of liberated area as CCP called it: militia group controlled an area, but civilian's life, as economic boosts the social life locally. I visited several such places with my son, like tribal great man Zhude who build the PLA. every as flying land, the core issue of the administrative force of the actual charging is let people free to live, boosting civil life which is source of success.

Then dreamed we travel. for we hardly afford traveling in current PRC living standard, I in dream burning brains to arrange our tour to save money. then on plane, as people loosely spread out. I anxious about my baggage. then near our hometown, I doubting hotel's boarding and argued with stewardesses like they were my sisters.

This morning I loathed to get up, now near 11am, I in a hurry to catch up my routine.