dream of hometown mountain.


Submitted by riveryog on 周五, 11/18/2016 - 10:06

dreamt with my cousin who lives in nearby village, on our village mountain. we pick mountain produce, like mushroom, nuts, flowers, etc, with his son. I comment mountain likes a vertical space to increase versatile of species. the mountain just near my passed dad's old house. my dad likely also appeared in dream. I still doubting why the cousin appeared on our mountains.
today I will fetch my son over to linger in my dorm a night. my salary card finally unfreezed. now hoping sooner my USD account within my icbc credit card unlocked. God, grant me freedom to renew my web assets.

我在看youtube live,当我起身走到门前,听见逃走的急促脚步声和其后的仓皇关门声。我的房间外就是宿舍走廊的摄像头,想共产党中国的绝大多数一样,该起作用时不起作用。该贼可谓有恃无恐,贱劲十足。

this week mostly sandstorm occupied the brown skyline. last dusk it loosely dripped. after a night it merely wet the ground. I busy on site building so didn't feel the indoor chill. but when I packed to visit my son, street moisture chilled me in stumble.
I had good time this afternoon in visit my son: steam game on which I made new progress, updated woz's android devices, demonstrated my work preparing his new personal portal at woga.me. and the last and most important, first meal served at railway hotel by its ready food sector. its only cost us 33 CNY after we both full, including woz's cola and a small dish of snack. its just as good as expected and we have new outlet of our pastime. thx God.
tomorrow, we will lunch out at Formosa pies, and we will renew our public bathroom groupon, 250 CNY. my purse only has 275 CNY. really tough deal ahead.
after all, the rain really nice, dad God, bring the arid land more!
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