dreamt in a competition.


Submitted by riveryog on 周一, 11/28/2016 - 07:34

dreamt at hometown I joined a competition: who lasts last with burden wins. I almost the last, then a woman in Zhudajiu invited me to hang in her house, where several members of the family tried to tell fate. just when I ready to hear the prophet my passed parents and my elder brother, and niece came to ask me to be itinerant pedlar for a guy who paying for a substitute in the village, who now a dean of the local elemental school and once a clown among my childhood pals there. hardly to reject, so I admit and woke up before I take the burden.

last night again worked lately till mid night. the neighbor gay again frequently made noise in corridor to show his irritated presence and urged me to give up. the beast recently frequently made small poor on corridor the entrance of lavatory aiming let me slipper to fall throughout toilet room. I did risked one or two occasions to slide down but managed to avoid. God, dad, when the gay will disappear from hell and the earth? what's the purpose his presence to me as a constant source of sickened and cheap? God, free me of the ugly dark world of losing and humiliating in which the beast belongs.

last night I tried to fix my google contacts unable to sync. need more research to settle it. God, grant me the solution sooner! in dawn dream lengthily giant caterpillars, its legs' touch so vomitting, its countless worms crawl everywhere. we fought near its lair in graveyard and burned them down during human resource department session when caterpillars messed with enrollment.

dreamt of alumnus Zhong Moujun (in Chinese means King seeking). dreamt my Huanggang senior middle school alumnus visits me. he encouraged me to search for his old address from my records. there are many blood seeking insects. we talked about our hometowns which is neighbor. I felt honored by his visit, for he always excel at his study, enrolled by privileged university, Peiking Univ. and as host I also accept applause from my crowd. at the end of dream, we agree that best hope is next residential address. its a sunny morning. last night it snowed mildly.