dreamt of once leader in QRRS.


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 12/06/2016 - 17:24
dreamt visiting Zhou who is passing by. Zhou was once deputy secretary of CCP in QRRS, my once and long time employer. in a ticket window I got 3 ticket among quene for visit zhou. we chat while waiting our turn to goodbye zhou. I sensed I had more linkage with Zhou, from our contacts I worked under his indirect leading. then on a banquete, 2 woman sit close broke as lesbians friend: a woman left for her new love, the remain jealous and in hatred. then a guy approached to console her. the latter temporarily pacified but revenge in her heart for future warfare. I saw bizarre love triangle pattern among them.

dreamt first a young bank crew, privileged, facing charge after his bribe scandal. he treated it lighthearted. then in a temple I hurry to change suite against tracing. the abbot offered me a suite and let me bath there. then in its garden I saw lots of leisure and asylum seeking people playing volleyball there.

in dream I witnessed a boss in workspace losing his son, no matter how he trying protect his son and how his grief is. that reminds me my once colleague in QRRS cable TV station, a Fang, who has a daughter and divorced then again married then died abrupt. in dream the young kid likely knew his been loved by his dad, but still he challenged the situation to fall. there is small snowflakes drifting when I went to breakfast in dorm canteen. God, bless us in every joyful moment hopeful even greater.