dreamt of feeding son, pastime.


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 12/13/2016 - 15:52

dreamt my niece, ie. my eldest brother's only daughter, seeking job or seeking reward for her answering a magazine survey. my son, woz, still a bigger infant, just woke up and I fed him with dishes I ate, then noodles the niece treated us. my son so brilliant and cooperative and happily ate up: he sucking noodles and other food really amazingly smart! I in the meantime told my niece publishing house usually poor and she shouldn't seek larger amount award there. in the touching love of woz, I woke by pains of my bent neck lean on bed. I sadly admitted that so many years passed yet I can't afford cozy pillars I saw common living scene in American episodes. recent frequent sciatica prevented me from desk, so I napped a lot.
these days sinking PRC's surveillance more penetrating: they frequently broke down my connection during my key operative, like posting, watching, ruins my works in transit. dog is hungry and jumping for hurt.

dreamt of elder Mao Zedong, a raged and vengeful man. his killer, a woman unknow but well known in dream, led crisis and dubious crowd evolving and chasing. then on a beach hill, there are many German naked swimmers. I with camera and asked help from another cameraman. it drizzled last night, which so blessing. I talked a lot about self-discipline and improving with the wife of my nephew, a tall and slim young woman, but later found her husband's family, ie. my brother-in-law's family, totally under influence of mafia. seemingly no comcurrency between violence and learning, Ialmic and Christian.