a week in my elder sisters' house in lunar new year vacation.


Submitted by riveryog on 周三, 01/25/2017 - 14:39

we here just play video games and sun shower. the town's main business is cement and results in gray sky and dirty air. however, recent 2 days the sunshine is barely clear and warm. woz enjoy his origin game and attracted some kids around. I enjoy my hometown food very much.
after all we are in vacation and missing my work space. sooner the end of journey will brings us greater relax. thx God, my youngest nephew, whose wedding ceremony held yesterday, forgives his disappearance on me and welcome us like normal. he is in fact a very young man. with all my best wishes and hoping one day I will improve him in my business which means largest.

last night worked overnight, finally got my cheap Chinese android phone installed gapps, and likely rip of spyware. last afternoon restored woz's lounge desktop. his internet still down, esp the neighbor stopped sharing wifi. these 2 days quite busy and fruitful after returned from 3rd flight hometown tour. nice start!
today also clear debt of stocking hometown event photos. published on qzone at ]http://qzone.qq.com/570503557, a Chinese mainstream media, shared moment of lunar near year 2017, and nephew's wedding ceremony among relatives nested there.
Ok, now time to prepare release of statement of the journey. God blesses me in mission.
BTW, it snowing in the dusk.

last Monday I got free android smartphone from woz fiber optic broadband plan I equipped him priced ¥1090. its cute and apparently more rugged than my latest phone bought half year ago. but I can't stand up PRC cheap and stealing apps, instead I just need google Gsuite. after researched a day, I can't wait but launched to customize it. the flashed rom is rooted but without custom bootloader, I have to find a way to flash gapps package but tried all means ready in executives, all just failed. near dusk jog, I left with option manually copy gapps core files to the rooted system folder. the night spent trying working way to put authentic directory and path of those core files. after mid night dusts down and I safely install apps our work space needs. now morning light like silver whistle praising the overnight achievement. God, so lucky I am even in poverty. God dad, bless my gadget with due security as workable as is.

last Saturday I casually searched topic about linux iptables and route control. then I envision cheat PRC most dominant websites discriminate geographic different ips. I want cozily enjoy borderless web indifferent PRC or freedom world, rather than barred by PRC GFW ward of isolation. I also want rid woz's house 2nd router aiming lessen radiation. even quite alien to linux command, googleable world archive of tutorials really helps.
Hope sooner I can rest on my endeavor and walk-through of all kind of human pests rampant in sinking sinful PRC.