dreamt of defense with son, woz.


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 07/05/2016 - 06:58

in dawn dream I with my son, woz, made a huge package each under PRC's surveillance against adversity. woz's even bigger than mine. last Friday the dorm canteen operator demanded me returning their loan of boarding for they in short of cash. I have no way but my work place to seek last help. so I visited my once department leader, now assistant manager of QRRS, and discussed my unbalanced situation. he asked for my mobile and promised informing me if his leader board has any solution extends to me. returned to dorm, bankcomm clerk woman buzzed in. I talked about my housing public fund which intact in accumulation so far. I suggested her to elaborate that source with my workplace leader. last Saturday afternoon I brought my son watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)" and we both satisfied. his mom tentatively arranged my son's schedule too pushy to allow us dwelling more together. my son's mobile, a nexus, very specifically target hacked, disabled vpn, google play store and revealed messenger. I also lost temper upon my son's loose management over security. but God dad, isn't they can't afford their losing and barked loudly now to upset us? the sinking PRC surveillance, the dog system, from start to end is a failure. they boast their triumph, times and times targeted my son's computers, they in fact chasing its own tail like mad dog. God, dad, I was aging and hostile in my circumstance alerts me of hidden dangers or revenge of nobody. God, dad, I wouldn't exit with regret. for glory of Son I will bring about, for Empire of China reset ahead of 1109 years, I will stride to explore till shiny holy paved. dad God, grant me freedom of financial independence. bring me my Royal China to tip turn the sinking PRC dictation , and freaky atheism worship now insaner and mortaler. let my cyber startup booms.

bankcomm clerk woman told in time the housing fund stuff went over, and its law enforcement treatment spreads now. I have nothing but faith in God and grace of the Son in the typhoon center.
Hi, sinking PRC, is it a mirage a new mature citizen pushed onto edge of society and bankrupt of self-relying?

he indeed remove tension between QRRS dorm canteen operator's 3 times urging of his boarding loan, and my unable to squeeze any coins to pay back in time, offered ¥2900 immediately. however, he is showy on his money and his political view as well as his lifestyle perferrance really repulsive for me. thx God, its soon before we fed up each other. and we both forgot he did what I early anticipated while he refused in first place months ago on the phone, falsely acclaimed my problem is buttonless and hopeless to fill.
this afternoon bankcomm buzzed in again, urging pay back credit deficit. we argued but don't hurt each other more. best wishes, Bankcomm girls and women!