woz equipped with smart watch now.


Submitted by riveryog on 周四, 07/28/2016 - 10:16

I previously thought I can't afford a smart watch for him under my constrained finance. but his fond on an e-watch his mom bought him and of poor quality and design reminds me his stylishness. after found android smartwatch now prices under 500rmb, I felt I have to equip him. in less than an hour, I arranged debt and order online. after relentless waiting and doubt of trustworthiness of mid dealer of QRRS Dorm canteen operator in my credit and alipay frozen, we got the Sony SmartWatch SW2 on Jul 27, 2016. the parcel unpacked by canteen operator before informed me, and outer box damaged, but still I felt cherished when handed over to my son, who longing for it, too.
now, I don't know if woz successfully install the smart watch, but hopefully bliss from Japan, esp from Asoh Yukiko, let me confident and cheer up.
woz, in elegant Sony SW2, must be leading in his life scope.

boosted by confident salary last month, I ordered backup router, an Asus RT-N66U, immediately for better performance and indispensable borderless web we cherish so much. failed once anonymously and almost cost second, God, I am free from trap and blessed with the elegant gear now in hand, after flood in southern China and deadly unspeakable blockage from PRC surveillance. what's more, I entreated my nephew helps me realize recent second will: equip my son and my own a set of raspberry pi 3 compute board. he admits his help at once, left me stunning in wild elation.
Now, with most contented man in the world in my view, God, dad, pl improve us for better investment on these hardware by innovative usage of our new smart gadgets.

after equipped woz the wonderful product, I can't help but begged my niece to loan me to buy myself one. those days I barely supported myself enough activities to avoid emptiness waiting its logistics. now even with a more colorful case for our beloved gadget, our 2 brand new toy inaugurated and working like a charm. hope woz learning some linux on his one, while I gain a more functional android device for my mobile office.
kodi deployed on woz's, and I finally got backup image against restricted cyberspace. really looking forward a robust environment for the freedom world we love so much, and fruitful constructive world we can benefit from our endeavor.