seasonal gifts deserve our grateful.


Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 12/19/2017 - 13:02

dreamt being friend of an English noble family, or Japanese host, ie their 2 boys and only daughter. first the boys shown me their real estate, and traditional kid practices around & in trench of their castle, which so beautiful, with yard and fence, and field with peasants nearby. I commented British buildings usually near round shape while Chinese commodity residential block usually in slice alike. they also show me their parties. then their only sister returned. the girl likely an artist, she put on me new shirt & introduce me to her party. when I prepared to performance and jumping from 2nd floor to hall ground over crowd awaiting, my alarm woke me up. its a warm dream, without pressure, esp the daughter cares me much. this week still in wilder joys aid by alipay virtual credit. I try to prepare an installment with the credit, so I in urgency to spend near ¥1500 so as to mount to 2000CNY installment. spending upon year end gift really a breeze. I equipped dearest son a suite of SWAT winter uniform, including coat & pants, pricey ¥350. last night I spend another 120 on family photo book reviewing a decade golden memories, esp in woz's growth. for our domain registrar, godaddy defies the credit, I partially shift some deposit from monthly mobile data plan to spare cash for renew our remnant 16 domains year end. but mobile fee recharge has limit set by the virtual credit, so I only allowed 400 CNY to transit. however, after these operations, I more confident that 2017 will completes without regret. past week also allows us enjoy benefit of goods, like my kid brother aided me a new Japanese style bed cushion, quite soft & warm & economic efficient, I praise it exceeding word. otherwise each morning esp chiller morning when I get up my bone hurts. our new google home mini first arrived amid our seasonal gifts online. its so beautifully functional, enrich my son's spoken English & informative anywhere anytime empowered by the moral uplifting American corporate. we spend half hour to setup it, still my son at a loss for he was not left alone to accomplish the task. he wants now to carry independent workload on his own. that remind me how hard my situation can be in a tiny world our economy & social circumstance permits. my kid brother this time generously extended arms to me, likely last time our elder brother loaned me for domain renewal even in his hard time shamed him, and his aid grants us to upgrade our rechargeable batteries stock, which can facilitate future e-gadgets we may harness. God, dad, reviewing our situation, we felt so much blessed: our beneficence hinders nobody, our broad laugh shadows no one. while most renowned billionaires bow to PRC sinful tyrant otherwise in front of deprivation or death penalty. God dad, our anxious free growth might reach its ceiling esp of my offspring, but dearest God dad, is there anything we bewith is not under your Holy Majesty warranty? grant us usual path, and merry heart forever, under shine & shrine. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Crown Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, for broader future of our 2 nations. in our ancestor's forged link, we stand firmer on the eastern Asia now and then forever.