dreamed being urged to marry.


Submitted by riveryog on 周六, 05/12/2018 - 10:20

dreamed twice preparing wedding while maintain love with another girl. then dreamed haunting a bookstore where promotion attacked me. I bought some books and won some others from joining the gaming session of promo. but after returned home I found the 2 books I join the gaming as requirement didn't returned to me. when I back to the book store, the boss family, ie. the madam, again condemned my not hurry to marriage her daughter.

dreamed first raising my new baby. then dreamed feeding baby tiger. finally dreamed lengthily with infant, or my infant, tease him, feed him, heart melt totally in love.
last night it rained, sometimes cat and dog. this afternoon I will bring my son to cinema monthly. coming is 3 day vacation includes lunar dragon boat day.

dreamed in a competition to win kid's heart. I had 3 options, say food, coach, etc, my affection edges out and my children loves me. last afternoon diner after monthly cinema turned out risk free: woz forgot to bring his wallet and I penniless. transferring from his online payment tool delayed next day to be available. fortunately my salary card has more than 50 CNY and I shift to my bankcomm debit and gathered 100 to withdrew from ATM. woz and me both relaxed after the crisis.

dreamed in a youth sport team traveling. in a hotel I trying to clipper nails or shower. but the female manager asked me first find myself proper sandal without patches. I tried to prepare myself ready while other team members settled in their rooms. recent morning very sleepy after get up. God dad, thx for the vivid dream, and meaningful world without concrete reality.

dreamed I developed something in campus. the university administration offered office. when my product near its publication, I checked up term of service printed on a cover paper by campus workspace, for it's near up to harvest.
even still missing my son in his mom's house, my work day starts now in this peaceful morning.