1st snow in 2016 in Qiqihar


Submitted by riveryog on 周一, 11/07/2016 - 09:41

last night It started to snow. all night I slept deep. the neighbor gay dog barked all time, trying engaging me into its dispute. God, dad, rid me off the dirty mice.
its Saturday now, I will visit my son next 5 hours. blessing in the snow could heal.

dreamt something about Japanese products, their quality life in long history. also in hometown with my elder brother. it's a pale winter morning. this week would be my first a meal a day week during harder economy. I still felt safe and hopeful upon weekend reuniting my dearest son for greater glory.
God dad, grant me constant hope tomorrow.

dreamed chewing cash with peanuts and swallow down very inconfortable. review some privileged power family's offspring trying using their money power to pave road in art studios, say in years with my departmental leader, I got to know a retired former youth league secretary of CCP in QRRS, Wangkeju, like most of his pals in the beginning of PRC open policy, left to do business with state resources for his own advantage, then chased artist career as it might be well recognized, as photographer in his late 30s', poured money just earned from his converted privilege, and sinked into no name for the art market is far more selective circle of proven fineness, even the late artist cut short and equipped with latest equipment and facilities. I saw even in a exam classroom many bravoed his name to welcome him, who is in ailment. PRC privilege offspring attracted followers among mob.