unspoken war between tyrant PRC.


Submitted by riveryog on 周六, 03/18/2017 - 12:57

it had been decades frequently blocked by CCP in sinking PRC. but now it surged again against my posting. this morning my monthly blog release under heavy blockage from PRC surveillance. they already since last night disabled my access to zohosites. now they defied my logon to my 163 account, in cause of busy system or any shit errores. my blog posting postponed due the failures among different wifi and different os. a war already launched and unspoken hatred and rages of humbleness brewing too long.
still the same sky under Holy bliss, Christian sky under openness, universal dome.
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recently it more shamelessly intercept my web traffic: abrupt cut down after submitted password, zero traffic when critical task ongoing, all seemingly just warning me their surveillance and coherence into my web presence, as if there were their co-operative and contribution. each time lasted some minutes, some hours, or a couple of days. they remind me their failure in their futility, their shadow sins, their stealth never dare on book worldly. they admire the sunshine in my posts, my life as a torch highlights the uncertain future. they are dying in exhausts and even hatred in their jobs for feed. they are just corpses and ghosts in suicide, dwelling shadow before thunderstorm.

also there are lots of gays gathering in dorm. this noon when I went to public toilet, in minutes there were 3 beasts followed there, including one left after found full of seat. their door all shut and its workday, the corridor empty but they still listened carefully my activities at the end of the floor, just aiming showing their capable intervene my privacy, for profane and dirty. how insane the fell souls! God, dad, just let me kill them invisible, rid me off the shames of the vast land northeastern China of my Empire. if my life here really any relation with them, let it killing them before future trifle mess, once for all.