so many joys in working webcam.

Submitted by riveryog on 周二, 04/18/2017 - 10:38

I recently reckoned a webcam would make my desktop human communication more funs, also aiming to make full use of google voice/hangout. I lived in solitude too long to be contented. but financial problem delayed several weeks. last week I can't bear continuous wanting of the gear prices ¥98, and asked help from my nephew who so promising and admitted the gift giving prompt, transfered me 300CNY in seconds. likely our lunar new year gathering months ago left him good impression on our living and spirits upright. now the new camera working seamlessly among all my platforms, includes windows, chrome os, android x86. facebook stream, google hangout, skype, and windows local machine's camera app, all working without any extra installation nor configuration, just a flicking of plugging in and snappy inaugurated, in a cloudy day I cursed my son woz again last dusk when I prepared him wonderful gifts, new google apps powered Chinese made smartphone hardly found a fitting custom rom and flashed, and newly bought pants with mobile pocket from taobao by all last month leftovers on account, while he despised my visit ,refused to talk to me in air but drove me away by sms. he lied again and likely under his insanely insecure mom's control which turns my son so docile like lamb. my gathering rage in an hour stood outside of the dead door led my leaving over the gifts their neighbor and praying God's mercy in my situation on way returning to my dorm.

God, dad, my vision and investment on gears again affirmatively rewarding. THX for the gift and improving of life quality. grant us obvious gains of our wise investment on our infrastructure for small startup and independent business. free me of attests from the sinful small bitch of my son's mom, bring sooner my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asohu Yukiko, and girls I deserves in my life so far.

these days busy with rip Chinese warez from our new PRC product smartphone, and install google apps which naturally ready in overseas product. I spent lots of efforts to search for twrp or other custom recovery rom for flashing boot sector, in aiming to allow me install gapps in one package available online, on which I quite unfamiliar with its content and structure. but PRC merchants likely rooted out most of competitive alternatives, so I failed in barren source diluted simply by sinful PRC. but a timely downloaded rom of rooted I gained month ago now disappeared on its official forum makes manually install possible. the key is right core executive files and their proper directories on android protected system. with right key words more and more precise in the process of my digging mindless, I googled right tutorial and did twice with substantially satisfying results: a working google play store and stable downloading. later I found the cause of my previous halt download due to regional restriction, which judged by payment method in the account. so I deleted my problemed google apps account's Chinese credit card and history. hopefully my problem with downloading, my relentlessness with authentic google services, both saved. God, dad, review these busy days and night, including settling ubuntu and clonezilla iso image on multi-bootable disk, failures and joys really enrich my daytime experience.
now, God, dad, pl grant me dig more on my site building and harvest more feasible in sooner future.

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its incredible to witness such a crowd, among my websites' wane, coming here for discuss or sightseeing. God, hope I didn't fail you guys.
I hope here more colorful and meaningful for future that matters. but for now I fought for companions and enjoying cosy tiny space around my tiny living and safety. my sanity above the cyberspace stream has to be guaranteed.
hope you stay and see my next monthly blog release due in weeks.