dreamt playing cinema projector at hometown


Submitted by riveryog on 周四, 07/06/2017 - 16:57

note: recently relentless preparing surprise gift to woz, dearest son in his solitude, against boring summer heat, after successfully pull long time expected backup router into hand against PRC surveillance behind curtain detaining efforts which ruined our first time purchase flawless. I ordered him raspberry pi computing board aiming arouse his computer interest from scratch as I admire in decades ago when computer industry still in earlier stage and its hero bill gates, woz, etc still hand making. but I really don't know if my son, now equipped with smart pocket devices, would inspired. God, lend me vivid tuition and lend my son his learning initiative to start up an adventure.

long expected backup router, an Asus RT-N66U, arrived after all cloudies and astonishes. but dearest son, woz, who will harness it for his unbroken borderless web, let send it in usual visit on weekend, Saturday. these days I also ordered 2 other gift for him on taobao.com, Chinese largest e-commercial portal, for his cooler seat. I really hope a better surprise for my son who grows so quiet and brave in heart. waiting new parcels ordered online let me boring. so I napped in summer heat. dreamt at hometown my parents old house, I brought or friend lent us a cinema projector to play with open house cinema. we play American blockbuster. my 2nd elder sister complained hard to learn to play. I seemingly conquered it and we enjoy the movie, sole for my son's pleasure in his summer term vacation in hometown, an occasion his grandparents even harder to see. but my passed parents didn't appear in dream, instead, I likely slept in a dense dorm including bunks. hometown fresh air, surprise seeking friendly folks, gathered around us and bring joice in dream. its a peaceful and relaxing dream.

dreamt brought my son travel Mount Hua, or we lived there around. my son with whom I cared so much, or my nephew ie. son of my kid brother judged by his rudeness, who suffered hanger & ate anything without decency. then we passed a Taoist priest's booth. the kid clinged some dirty food on sale and bit. the vendor, Taoist priest demanded us to buy or curses. in the end we likely found alternative food and the kid pacified. I dislike Taoist priest quite some times. and this dream looming their hostile toward my Royal China.

dreamt in campus again. I settled my berth then went for tour. when I returned I dumbfound my bed shift to conjecture inner room and an upper berth. most sophomore and first year collegians there younger than me. my property ie. my package also suffers loss.

dreamt fishing a dragon. likely at my hometown, with another guy or my son, along a river to fought a youth dragon. we beat it as soon as it appeared & jumped over us to bank, just after we saw the light of capture it after several fights exhausted two sides both, I woke up, and recognized it was a dragon even its tail not so long as Chinese traditional paintings described, but more likes a dinosaur.

dreamt in morning nap that hanging a broken mirror on wall likely in hometown. at first I just adhered it with transparent adhesive tape only attached its lower part, let it up standing. then it gradually slide aside by gravity. so I mounted chairs to reach higher to paste more sticky tape. its dangerous for the height, my elder sister likely helped to support the ladder. this time I managed to paste the broke mirror's 2 wings horizontal, like a flying wing or popular heart shape finally.

dreamt our team adding moral & related emotions to robot, esp robot team sim of Japanese AKB48 music group. we classified emotional type, and assigned to those robots & the task is huge, so we research programming to batch assign. then inside a hotel while outside is raining, we team members rush to sort our umbrella & toilet full of washing people discussing our job of moral & emotional robot. I saw 2 of my old colleagues & old time friend.

Dreamt in vivid dream I reconciled to want a typewriter in exchange of surveillance of my parents or traditional concern about my marriage or sex life. I likely speak on corporate forum about traditional Chinese family or value put hidden espionage upon their offspring to ensure harmony of life. I strike to refuse it for decades, but forsake of efficiency, I traded it now for typewriter which invented since Industrial revolution.