dreamed of new clothes and fish dinner at hometown


Submitted by riveryog on 周日, 07/08/2018 - 08:01

dreamed first my 2nd elder brother bought himself 2 new pair shoes, and celebrated it at his house. then dreamed I also bought myself 2 shoes from market. then my passed mother cooked a large fish. yesterday poor noodle as my only meal in Saturday let me sad, for i always preferred rice and dishes to wheat food. the sinful woman, a crew of dorm administration, pretended a lodger, lived in the shabby neighbor room another night, just aiming profane me. the night rain all time, likes my hometown in my memory. God dad, I'm to fetch my son and his neighbor kid to dine out dico's. pl allow my agenda comes true.

dreamed amid Moscow unrest. I did some investigation among mob on street and at their home. yesterday lasting rain let it a dream land. later in dusk it turned thunderstorm. water supply broke this morning, while electricity remains. after Sunday visited my son, a considerate teenage now, my anxiousness as well as aging frustration cleansed.

dauntingly detailed dreamed traveling to hometown, where likely my dad passed by. my mother glad to received me and told part of our house rented to a neighbor, the once village teacher's family, free of charge. I blamed my mom loose to handle it, but her obviously challenged by the thriving mob, long time enemy of my family, hatred lasts generations and still among offspring. revenge must does!